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Doktor rer. pol.
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


Katharina’s main research interests lie in the field of public and social policies. More specifically, Katharina is interested in the interaction between economic and social policy goals and in conceptual ideas and their implications for social and economic policies. Katharina’s current research focuses on public procurement as a tool for the regulation of labour and socially responsible public procurement, the importance of concepts for public policies, and methodological questions of comparative research.


Katharina has broad experiences in research and teaching. Before joining USW, Katharina held Research Fellowships at Glasgow Caledonian University and the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium) and worked at different universities in Germany. Katharina has been Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Global Governance at the University of Hamburg and the Public Procurement Research Group at the University of Nottingham and has completed a Short-time Scientific Mission at the National University of Ireland Galway. Katharina is a member of the Board of the Research Network Political Sociology in the European Sociological Association.

Katharina’s work has attracted interest from academics and practitioners; Katharina has been invited for oral and written submissions by NGOs, ministries and government departments in Germany and the UK.



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Articles and book chapters

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Working Papers

Sarter, E.K. (2016): “Public Procurement & the Public Sector Equality Duty: Equality Sensitive Tendering in Scotland.” Glasgow Caledonian University: WiSE Working Papers No.5.

Sarter, E.K., Fuchs, S. and Sack, D. (2014): “SME-friendly public procurement in Germany?: Legal strategies and political challenges.” Universität Bielefeld: Working Paper Series Comparative Governance no. 2.

Sarter, E.K., Sack, D. and Fuchs, S. (2014): “Public Procurement as Social Policy?: An introduction to social criteria in public procurement in Germany.” Universität Bielefeld: Working Paper Series Comparative Governance no. 1.


Katharina is an Associate of the WiSE Centre for Economic Justice at Glasgow Caledonian University, the Centre for Gender Studies in Wales and member of the Board of Research Network Political Sociology in the European Sociological Association.

Areas of Expertise

Comparative Research
Public & Social Policy
Equality & Diversity
Multi-level Governance

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