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BSc (Hons) MRSC


Role and Job Title:- Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science (Toxicology and Separation Science).

Professional Qualifications:-
Bond Solon – Expert Witness training.

Academic Qualifications:-
BSc (Hons) Forensic Science – University of Glamorgan (2008).


I have been involved in the analytical toxicology of biological samples since 2006.
I originally worked at TrichoTech Limited where I was employed in various laboratory based roles for five years and also acted as a Reporting Scientist. Following this, I joined a small team to help establish Cansford Laboratories. I was employed as Laboratory Manager and was responsible for all related laboratory procedures, interpretation of results including the regulatory and legal implications of analytical results.
In addition to my regular responsibilities, I participated in R&D initiatives including the development and validation of several propriety techniques used in the laboratory.
I have prepared over 4000 reports to be used in court proceedings, I have also attended court to present evidence.


Course leader:
MSc Analytical and Forensic Science.

Teaching includes the following modules:
FP2D02 Work Related Project, FP2S97 Practical Applications Of Forensic Investigation, FP3S102 Research, Professional Practice And Employability In The Forensic Sciences, FP4D001 Laboratory Research Project, FP4S007 Project Design, Management And Enterprise, FP4S008 Interpretation, Evaluation And Presentation Of Casework, FP4S011 Analytical Toxicology, PH3S12 Advanced Analytical Chemistry, PH4S005 Advanced Separation Science.


Tsanaclis, L., Nutt, J., Bagley, K., Bevan, S. and Wicks, J. (2014), Differentiation between consumption and external contamination when testing for cocaine and cannabis in hair samples. Drug Test. Analysis, 6: 37–41. doi:10.1002/dta.1623

June 2012 Society of Hair Testing, Toronto
Oral Presentation – “Hair Analysis for the Emerging New Drugs: Tramadol and Mephedrone.”

March 2013 East Sussex Resolution Group, Eastbourne
Presentation and question/answer session – “Use of Hair analysis in Family Law Cases for drug and alcohol use.”

June 2013 British Association of Social Workers Safeguarding Conference, Wrexham
Presentation and question/answer session – “The use of Drug and Alcohol testing (a Laboratory’s perspective).”

August 2013 Society of Hair Testing, Geneva
Oral Presentation – “Differentiation between consumption and external contamination when testing for cocaine and cannabis in hair samples.”

November 2013 North West Social Work Show, Manchester
Presentation and question/answer session – “The coming together of two worlds – Using drug tests in social work.”

June 2014 Society of Hair Testing, Bordeaux
Poster Presentation – “Hair analysis in the workplace: Worldwide harmonisation required.”

June 2015 Society of Hair Testing, Sao Paulo
Presentation and question/answer session – “Implication of non-attendance for hair collection for drug and alcohol testing in child care cases.”

June 2016 Society of Hair Testing, Venice
Presentation and question/answer session – “A comparison between hair EtG, hair FAEE, serum CDT in detecting patterns of alcohol consumption in child protection cases.”

June 2017 Society of Hair Testing, Cardiff
Presentation and question/answer session – “Case reviews – consistency in hair drug testing; ensuring a level playing field for donors.”


Member of the Society of Hair Testing (SOHT).
Member of The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists (TIAFT).
Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC).
Member of the London Toxicology Group (LTG).


Elected executive board member of the European Workplace Drug Testing Society (EWDTS).


Research interests include general Analytical Toxicology, with a specific interest in hair analysis as a toxicological sample.

Areas of Expertise

Toxicological analysis of biological specimens to determine the presence of drugs of abuse and/or alcohol.

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