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PhD (Sociology and Social Policy)
MSS (Anthropology), First Class
BSS (Hon.) (Anthropology), First Class


I come from a multi-disciplinary background combining degrees in Anthropology; Sociology and Social Policy. Before joining the University of South Wales, I worked at the University of Bath, University of Leicester, Nottingham University, the University of Liverpool, and Independent University, Bangladesh.

My current research interest is primarily focused on expertise in development policies and aid ethnographies. I argue that there is a gap in the existing scholarship as very little is known about the creative roles, agency, and interests of experts from the global South (a group I called as National Development Experts). My other research interests involve approaches to development, participation in policy-making, international aid and conditionalities, civil society, and extreme poverty.


I have over fifteen years of research experience in the areas of international development and aid; participation in policy-making; civil society; global poverty and measurement of extreme poverty, education; counter-terrorism; and violent conflict. I also have seven years of teaching experience in International Development, Sociology, Anthropology, and Politics in four British and one Bangladeshi universities. This has allowed me to undertake individual and collaborative research involving extensive field experience; carry out consultancy work for NGOs; publish research findings as academic and policy orientated outputs; bidding for research grants; and make public presentations and media interviews.


Kamruzzaman, P. (ed.) (forthcoming/2019), Civil Society in the Global South, London: Routledge

Kamruzzaman, P., 2015. Dollarisation of Poverty:Rethinking Poverty Beyond 2015. Palgrave Macmillan.

Kamruzzaman, P., 2014. Poverty Reduction Strategy in Bangladesh:Re-thinking Participation in Policy-Making. Bristol: Policy Press

Book Chapters:
Kamruzzaman, P. and White, S. C. (In Press), ‘Empowerment and Community Participation’ In Callan, H. (eds.), International Encyclopaedia of Anthropology, London: Wiley-Blackwell

Mythen, G. and Kamruzzaman, P., 2010. Counter-terrorism and community relations : Anticipatory risk, regulation and justice. In: Quirk, H., Seddon, T. and Smith, G., eds. Regulation and Criminal Justice: Innovations in Policy and Research. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 211-234.

Journal Articles:
Kamruzzaman, P. and Cooper, S. J. G. (In Press/2018), ‘Contrasting Political and Techno-Economic Perspectives on Energy Policies in Bangladesh’, Interdisciplinary Environmental Review, Vol./No. TBC

Kamruzzaman, P., 2017. Understanding the role of national development experts in development ethnography. Development Policy Review, 35 (1), pp. 39-63.

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Kamruzzaman, P. and Iles, M., 2003. Socio-economic factors influencing farmer adoption of pheromones in the integrated pest management of yellow stem borer (YSB) in Rice in Bangladesh. Syngenta/NRI/BRRI Rice Pheromone Project.

Non-Academic Press:
Kamruzzaman, P. 2017. Bangladesh’s painful journey to democracy is still far from over, The Conversation, 11 August

Kamruzzaman, P. 2016. Industrial accidents are another symptom of an unequal society, The Conversation, 21 September

Kamruzzaman, P. 2015, Is Bangladesh Descending into Lawlessness, The Conversation, 30 November

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Kamruzzaman, P. 2008. ‘Relief mission?’, Socialist Review, Vol. 321, pp. 10-11

Kamruzzaman, P. 2005. ‘MDGs and poverty reduction’, The Daily Star (Bangladesh)


Conference Presentations and Public Talks (selected):
Dollarising Extreme Poverty: Linking a Bangladesh Case with Target 1/Goal 1 of Sustainable Development Goals, Keynote speaker for Essex Business School Seminar Series, University of Essex, 2017.

Convenor for the Panel ‘Bangladesh’s Journey from ‘Basket Case’ to ‘New Emerging Economy’’, British Association for South Asian Studies (BASAS) Annual Conference, University of Nottingham, 2017.

Sticking with Dollarised Poverty – A Critical Note on Goal-1/Target-1 of Sustainable Development Goals, Keynote speaker for DSG Seminar Series, University of Portsmouth, 2016.

Convenor for the Panel ‘Understanding the Role of National Experts in South Asian Development’, British Association for South Asian Studies (BASAS) Annual Conference, University of Cambridge, 2016.

Convenor for the Panel ‘Understanding the Role of National Experts in Global Political Economy’ 24th World Congress of Political Science, International Political Science Association (IPSA), 2016.

Understanding the Role of National ‘Experts’ in Development, Paper presented at the EADI conference on ‘Rethinking Development Research – the post-2015 development agenda and sustainable development goals’, University of East London, UK, 2015.

Lead discussant about the film ‘Powerless’, Pop Up Docs, Eastern Eye, Bath, UK, 2015.

‘Bangladesh: A journey from “international basket case” to a “success story” -rethinking the role of international community’, Keynote Speaker, Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution (BRLSI), Bath, UK, 2015.

‘People’s Participation in Bangladesh’s Democracy’, Invited Panel Speaker, the House of Lords, UK, 2014.

‘Dollarisation of Poverty: Understanding the Politics of Poverty Reduction’ Presented keynote paper at SLASS (IUB) Research Seminar, Bangladesh, 2011.

‘Civil Society or ‘Comprador Class’, Participation or Parroting?’, Keynote speaker at Development Research Seminar, University of East Anglia, UK, 2010.

‘Issues in comparative research in developing societies’, Keynote speaker at the post-graduate research seminar, University of Liverpool, UK, 2009.

‘Who cares about participation? All is needed another piece of paper to continue debts and loans’, Paper presented at the annual conference of (RC 19) International Sociological Association (ISA), University of Florence, Italy, 2007.

‘Civil society participation in the development of Bangladesh’s PRSP’, Paper presented at the annual conference of the British Association for South Asian Studies (BASAS), University of London, UK, 2006.

Media Appearance:
Bangladesh Crack Down on Militants, ABC News (Australia)

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