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BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science


Tom is currently a research student.
Tom arrived at the University of South Wales in 2013 and enrolled to study sport and exercise science as an undergraduate. Tom was part of the Great Britain team for downhill mountain biking in 2013-2014 of which he attained an university sport scholarship throughout his studies. His main interests were sport and exercise physiology, which he continued to pursue throughout his time as an undergraduate. Tom’s final year dissertation focused on the effect of nitrate supplementation on supra-maximal sprints in elite level cyclists, a passionate interest throughout his time as an undergraduate.
He graduated in 2016 with first class honours and continued at the university as a research student. He is perusing a MPhil/PhD with specific interest in concussion and the link to early onset dementia. He chose to pursue the topic as it was becoming an ever growing concern within his sport of mountain biking as well as other mainstream sports such as rugby.


Hourly Paid Lecturer – Exercise Prescription (Non-referred populations) SR1S179


Comments/Research Letters:


Damian M. Bailey, Thomas A. Calverley, Christopher J. Marley, Benjamin Stacey, Thomas S. Owens, Lewis Fall, George Rose and Martin Steggall (2017). Letter to the Editor "Physical activity, cognitive decline, and risk of dementia: 28 year follow-up of Whitehall II cohort study. BMJ, 2017. Link:

Damian M. Bailey, Thomas S. Owens and Thomas A. Calverley (2017). Letter to the editor: Cerebral Perfusion and the Risk of Dementia: A Population-Based Study. Circulation, pp.CIRCULATIONAHA-117.

Stacey, B.S., Smith, J.A., Owens, T.S. and Bailey, D.M. (2017). All’s swell with the brain; on the significance of blood-brain barrier disruption in hypoxia. Journal of Applied Physiology Jan 1;122(1):218-220. doi: 10.1152/japplphysiol.01022.2016.

Rose, G. & Owens, T.S. (2016) ‘Acute dietary nitrate ingestion improves short duration supra-maximal exercise performance in trained cyclists’ Proceedings from Physiology 2016, Dublin


Current Memberships:

The Physiological Society, 2016 – present


Tom is currently interested in these topics:

Concussion and The Link to Early Onset Dementia



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