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BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD Sociology (Dunelm)


Tom is a Research Fellow in the Centre for Criminology, USW. His main research interests are in the area of substance use and drug-related issues. He is currently working on a number of substance use related projects with Professor Katy Holloway, including the misuse of prescribed only and over-the-counter medications in Wales, the diversion and misuse of opioid substitution medication, and the effectiveness of Medically Supervised Injecting Centres (MSICs). In May 2017, Tom was co-opted onto a sub-group of the Welsh Government’s Advisory Panel on Substance Misuse to explore the potential benefits of introducing MSICs in Wales.

Prior to working at USW, Tom held research positions at the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England. He completed his PhD in Sociology at Durham University in 2015.


Holloway, K., May, T., Buhociu, M., Livingston, W., Perkins, A., & Madoc-Jones, I. (2019). Research into the potential for substance switching following the introduction of minimum pricing for alcohol in Wales. Cardiff: Welsh Government. Available at:

May, T., Holloway, K., & Bennett, T. (2019). The need to broaden and strengthen the evidence base for supervised consumption sites. Addiction, 0(0). doi:10.1111/add.14789

Holloway, K., Hills, R., & May, T. (2018). Fatal and non-fatal overdose among opiate users in South Wales: A qualitative study of peer responses. International Journal of Drug Policy, 56, 56-63. doi:10.1016/j.drugpo.2018.03.007.

Bennett, T., Holloway, K., & May, T. (2018). A comparison of recent trends in prescription drug misuse in the US and the UK. In: Schepis, T (ed.), The Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic. Incidence, Treatment, Prevention, and Policy. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.

May, T., & Buhociu, M. (2018). Preventing Offending in the Night-time Economy: A Qualitative Study of South Wales. Report submitted to South Wales Police.

May, T. (2017). Medically Supervised Injecting Centres (MSICs): A Review of Systematic Reviews. Report submitted to the Welsh Government’s Advisory Panel on Substance Misuse (APoSM). Available at:

Holloway, K., & May, T. (2017). Evaluation of the DOMINO programme. Report submitted to the Welsh Centre for Action on Dependency and Addiction (WCADA).

John, B., Roderique-Davies, G., Davies, N., May, T., Buhociu, M., & Holloway, K. (2017). An Investigation of the Social Impact of Problem Gambling in Wales. Report submitted to the Welsh Assembly.


British Society of Criminology


Current Research Activity:

Misuse and Diversion of Opioid Substitution Treatment (Welsh Government/USW funded)
Misuse of Prescription Only and Over-The-Counter Medication (Welsh Government funded)
Evaluation of SMART Recovery groups for young people in Cwm Taf (Alcohol Concern funded)
Preventing offending and harm in the night-time economy (South Wales Police funded)

Current Doctoral Students:

Nyle Davies: The social impact of gambling harm: screening and intervention (with Professor Bev John and Dr Gareth Roderique-Davies)


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