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BSc Business Information System (HONS) – Cardiff Metropolitan University
CPsych – Staffordshire University
GradDip in Psychology (GBC) – University of South Wales
Phd Psychology Teaching Studentship Swansea University

Senior Fellow of the HEA.


Dr. Shakiela K Davies holds the position of Lecturer in Clinical Psychology and Mental Health at the University of South Wales.

She is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

PhD Teaching Psychology Studentship Award: Swansea University:

She was awarded one of the few fully funded PhD Psychology teaching studentships at Swansea University and her PhD studentship was based on Cognitive Psychology/Neuroscience – examining Age of acquisition – how early and late acquired words affect the cognitive and neurological processing in our brains. She worked under the close supervision of Dr. Cristina Izura, Swansea University. Shakiela has experience as an Assistant Clinical Psychologist with expertise in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Stress Control, Mindfulness and delivering NHS low level group intervention to large-scale groups as part of her NHS training. Shakiela has research interests which span across clinical and research such as Cognitive/Neuroscience of Language, Research Methods and Statistics, Clinical Psychology, Mental Health and Online Grooming.

3MT Thesis Winner 2016:

1st Place winner of 3MT Three Minute Thesis, Swansea University 2016:
Shakiela came First place and was a winner of the Swansea University 3MT Three Minute Thesis competition In May 2016. She was asked to present her award winning research at the
Research, Engagement & Innovation Awards (REIS), Swansea 2016, which can be found here: news/firstplaceforpsychologyphdstudentatthethreeminutethesiscompetition.php

Shakiela has published and disseminated her research nationally and internationally (Spain, Canada).


Shakiela has been teaching in a university setting for 10 years with 6 years experience as a Research Methods/Psychology Tutor. Has taught home and international students on a range of BPS accredited psychology modules. She is committed to students well-being and giving them the best opportunity to achieve academically and strive. She has worked as an Assistant Clinical Psychologist (NHS) for the Aneurin Bevan Health Board and is currently reviewing (along with other colleagues) clinical data from recent therapeutic group interventions (Stress Control/ACT).


Teaching :
Foundation: Mental Health and Well Being
Undergraduate: Methods and Evidence
Undergraduate: Mental Health and Well Being
Undergraduate: Psychology in Practice
Undergraduate: Health Psychology
Undergraduate: Developing an Understanding of Clinical Psychology
Undergraduate: Development in adolescence and adulthood
MSc: Stress, Health and illness
MSc: Health related cognitions and behaviours
MSc: Psychology through the Lifespan
Mentoring – Academic colleagues
PhD Supervision:
Second Superviser.


Tyson, P. J., Davies, S. K., & Torn, A., (2019) Madness: History, Concepts and Controversies. Routledge: Taylor and Francis.

Davies, S., Izura, C., Socas, R., & Dominguez, A., (2015) Age of Acquisition and Imageability norms for base and morphologically complex words in English and in Spanish. Journal of Behaviour and research methods.

Conference presentations national/International – Papers awaiting submission

Izura, C., and Davies, S., (2013) Age of Acquisition effects and morphology: A contribution of gender? Poster presentation acceptance for submission to the Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society, 2013 Psychonomic Society Annual Meeting November 14-17. Sheraton Centre Hotel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Izura, C., and Davies, S., (2011) Age of Acquisition effects and morphology: Is there a relationship? Language Research Centre(LRC), Research Institute for Arts & Humanities, Swansea, Wales, 2010.

Izura, C., and Davies, S., (2011) Age of Acquisition effects and morphology: Is there a relationship? BPS Cognitive Psychology Section Annual Conference, Keele, England, 2011.

Izura, C., and Davies, S., (2011) Age of Acquisition effects and morphology: Is there a relationship? Learners and Network Conference, Dylan Thomas Centre, Wales, 2011.

Izura, C., and Davies, S., (2010) Age of Acquisition effects and morphology: Is there a relationship? Language Research Centre (LRC), Research Institute for Arts & Humanities, Swansea, Wales, 2010.

Grant Funded External Projects:
Izura, Lorenzo-Dus, Davies & Bowler (in prep). Online grooming: modelling communicative processes and strategies, examining their interactions and extracting paedophile profiles.


Graduate member of the BPS
Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)


Link Officer: Course Leader: Foundation Degree (Psychology) USW.


Shakiela is currently assisting in the analysis and review of the Road to Well Being programme with other colleagues within the Primary Care Mental Health Service (PCMHSS) NHS Aneurin Bevan Health Board. With aims to publish research based on the clinical outcomes of low intensity therapeutic group based interventions.

Shakiela K Davies on ResearchGate

Areas of Expertise

Psycholinguistics/Language acquisition/Reading
Cognitive Psychology/Neuroscience/Language, Age of Acquisition. Language processing in adult readers.
Clinical Psychology/Mental Health
Special Educational Needs/Learning Support

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