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PGCTLHE – University of South Wales 2018
PhD Forensic Anthropology – Cardiff University 2017
Diploma in Forensic Medical Sciences – Apothecaries, London, 2015
MSc Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology – Cranfield University, 2009
BN Learning Disabilities Nursing – University of South Wales, 2010
MA Film and Television Production – Royal Holloway, 2003
MSc Medical Genetics and Immunology – Brunel University, 1995
Foundation Diploma in Acting – Mountview Theatre School, 1994
BSc Human Biology – Oxford Brookes University, 1993


Registered Learning Disabilities Nurse (RNLD)
Certified Forensic Anthropologist (Cert.FA-III)
Nurse Lecturer and Registered Nurse Teacher (RNT)
Chartered Biologist (CBiol)


Eight years as a registered clinician working in the ABUHB learning disabilities service, including managerial secondment.

Deployed as a forensic anthropologist to a mass fatality incident as a Kenyon International team member.

Research experience includes molecular biology and proteomics, materials science as applied to bone, biochemistry, forensic taphonomy, and colorimetry.

Professional actor.


Module leader for:
NL1D001 Citizenship and Inclusion for BN Learning Disabilities Nursing.
NL1S007 Biopsychosocial Aspects of Health and Wellbeing for BN Learning Disabilities Nursing
NL4S006 Advocacy for MSc Professional Practice
NL1S006 Meeting the Needs of People with a Learning Disability for Cert.H.E. Healthcare

Teaching contributions to:
NL2D020 Learning Disability Health Across the Lifespan for BN Learning Disabilities Nursing
BI3S107 Human Variation and Forensic Anthropology for BSc Human Biology
NL2D021 Assessing and Meeting the Needs in Partnership for BN Learning Disabilities Nursing
PE1D016 Fundamentals of Care and Professional Practice for BN Nursing (All fields)
FC1D004 Lifespan Growth and Development for BN Child Nursing

Dissertation Supervisor for:
NL3D017 Meeting the Complex Needs for People with Learning Disabilities for BN Learning Disabilities Nursing
PE4T006 MSc Professional Practice

Professional Practice Project Supervisor for:
AU4D015 MSc Professional Practice
CA3D012 BSc Professional Practice

PhD Supervisor for one student.

Member of School of Care Sciences Low Risk Ethics Committee.


Walden, S.J., Evans, S.L. and Mulville, J., 2017. Changes in Vickers hardness during the decomposition of bone: Possibilities for forensic anthropology. Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials, 65, pp.672-678.

Walden, S.J., Mulville, J., Rowlands, J.P. and Evans, S.L., 2017. An Analysis of Systematic Elemental Changes in Decomposing Bone. Journal of Forensic Sciences.


Member of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences MCSFS
Member of the Royal Society of Biology MRSB
Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute FRAI
Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts FRSA
British and International Mensa
British Actor’s Equity
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy FHEA


Council member for the British Association of Human Identification (BAHID).


Forensic Anthropology (external) as and when required for law enforcement (under the supervision of Prof. Dame Sue Black) and disaster victim identification.


Current interests include video modelling as a reporting tool for people with learning disabilities, taphonomy of bone in the forensic context, and skeletal pathology. I am also completing my second PhD in critical film theory at Brunel University, analysing the Dracula film canon in the psycho-historicist context, for which I have been awarded an international Mensa scholarship.

Areas of Expertise

Nursing people with learning disabilities living with complex needs.
The taphonomy of bone during soft tissue putrefaction.
Critical film theory

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