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BSc (Hons) Sports Science and Sports Coaching (2:1) (University of Gloucestershire)
Msc Psychology of Sport and Exercise (Distinction) (University of Gloucestershire)


An aspiring Sports Psychologist with a passion for conducting research. Just started a three year fully funded PhD at the University of South Wales which is investigating the behavioural and psychophysiological markers of mentally tough behaviour in athletes.

Recently graduated from the University of Gloucestershire after gaining a distinction in a Masters degree in Psychology of Sport and Exercise. Growing up, I attended a top UK Comprehensive school and a University highly respected as a centre of teaching and research excellence. This has instilled in me a strong work ethic and developed me into a highly driven individual with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


I was paid as a research assistant in conducting an experimental study which was a funded research project through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. This explored whether psychological resilience determined athlete’s reactions to and performance during, a pressurized sporting task. This study provided me with extensive experience of using physiological equipment (e.g. ambulatory blood pressure monitoring system) and collecting psychophysiological data (including heart rate, heart rate reactivity, cardiac output, and total peripheral resistance) Further, this study enabled me to develop important skills for carrying out psychophysiological research including spot electrode site preparation, equipment attachment, signal detection, and recording. Moreover, this study allowed me to develop participant communication skills (including task instructions and verbal anxiety manipulations) but also provide training to students assisting with the research project in how to use psychophysiological equipment correctly. Lastly, this study provided me with vast experience of data entry and analysing cardiovascular data using the SPSS computer software system.


Lecturer on Introduction to Psychology Module


Moore, L., Young, T., & Sarkar, M. (in press). Adverse life events, cardiovascular responses, and sports performance under pressure. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sport, pp. 1-19.

Moore, L.J., Young, T., & Sarkar, M. (in preparation). Psychological resilience predicts cardiovascular responses and motor performance under pressure. Psychophysiology.

Hill, D.M., Young, T., Fryer, S., & Matthews, N. (in preparation). Developing future Olympians in the United Kingdom: The role of birthplace.


My research to date has focused on psychophysiological states before sports competition and how these states influence performance under pressure. Moreover, my research has also focused on resilience and its relationships with sports performance under pressure.

Areas of Expertise

Resilience in Sport
Challenge and Threat States

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