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BA (Hons) English
MA Contemporary Literary Studies
PhD ‘Spirits at the Border: Migration & Identity in African-American and Latin American Women’s Fiction’, Institute for Women’s Studies, Lancaster University.


Ruth McElroy is Professor of Creative Industries and Faculty Head of Research. She is co-director with Professor Lisa Lewis of the Centre for the Study of Media and Culture in Small Nations

In public life, Ruth McElroy is Chair of Ffilm Cymru Wales She is a member of Ofcom’s Advisory Committee Wales. She helps inform media policy through her membership of the Institute of Welsh Affair’s Media Policy Group

Research Projects

AHRC Project Co-Director ‘Clwstwr Creadigol’.
Funded by the AHRC and Welsh Government, Clwstwr is a five-year R&D programme for innovation in screen and news in the Cardiff City Region. It is one of 9 UK clusters funded through the AHRC’s creative economy programme. Clwstwr is a collaboration between USW, Cardiff Metropolitan University and Cardiff University working in partnership with the screen industry and others to create new products, services and experiences.

AHRC Project (2018-2020) Co-Investigator ‘Screen Agencies as Cultural Intermediaries: Negotiating and Shaping Cultural Policy for the Film and TV Industries within Small Nations’. This is a two-year project with Principal Investigator, Dr Caitriona Noonan (Cardiff University) that examines the strategies for economic and cultural sustainability adopted by publicly funded screen agencies.

AHRC Network (2015-2016) ‘Television in Small Nations’ As Principal Investigator, I worked closely with academic and industry partners in Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland and Wales to bring together scholars, policy makers,TV producers and broadcasters to examine some of the main challenges and strategies in the contemporary TV production ecology of small nations, principally in Western Europe.


I began my academic career undertaking a PhD and teaching as a graduate assistant at Lancaster University in the Institute for Women’s Studies. Since then I have held academic posts at five UK universities and acted as an external examiner at several others. I have been centrally involved in leading both RAE 2008 and REF 2014 submissions, and have had the privilege of leading several undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. I have examined doctoral candidates in both English and Welsh, and have supervised research degree students to completion who have gone on to develop their own academic careers.


Alongside my research leadership roles, I supervise postgraduate research students and teach on the following modules:

• Contemporary Popular Television
• Consumer Culture
• Media and Culture in Wales
• Media Audiences and Fandom
• Television Drama


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Management committee member of Cyfrwng, the Welsh Media Association
Institute for Welsh Affairs’ Media Policy Group
Steering group member of the Centre for Gender Studies in Wales


• Chair Ffilm Cymru Wales
• Member Ofcom Advisory Committee Wales
• Member Institute of Welsh Affairs Media Policy Group
• Book reviews editor European Journal of Cultural Studies
• Editorial Advisory Board for the Catalan Journal of Communication and Cultural Studies
• Corresponding Editor, Critical Studies in Television
• BA (Hons) Media Studies Welsh-medium external examiner, Bangor University from 2012
• BA (Hons) Media Studies external examiner, De Montfort University since 2008
• BA (Hons) Humanities Open University external examiner at Richmond, the American International University in London.
• External assessor for the validation of BA (Hons) Media Studies, North East Wales Institute, 2004
• External assessor for the validation of BA (Hons) Film & Television, Lincoln University, 2006
• Editorial board member of Planet: The Welsh Internationalist (1998-2002) and ongoing reviewer and contributor


My research focuses upon cultural identity, creative industries, and screen cultures. I am intrigued by the formation of human belongings, whether in relation to specific spaces – such as the domestic home – or to wider entities such as nations or empires. The efforts to create, sustain and negotiate such belongings form the basis of my varied research career. Having published across the fields of literary studies, cultural studies, media policy and screen studies, my thinking continues to be informed by an inter-disciplinary approach to cultural formations and to the differences of power that gender, nation, and class make.

I warmly welcome research students working in these related areas and currently supervise:
Faye Hannah Talent Development in Welsh Screen Industries
Luke Thomas Towards a Ladder of Popular Music Support in Wales: the Musicians’ Experience



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