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I have been designing music technology circuits from 1984. Also running a business producing theremins and Colorsound pedals starting 1996. I have lectured in electronics and audio since 1989.


Over 150 articles on audio engineering circuit design, loudspeakers, analogue processing and musical instruments. I write a monthly column called Audio Out for EPE magazine. Co-authored Electronics Teach-In 07, with special chapters on volume controls, vinyl playback and power-amp design.


Institute of Physics


Current work includes circuit design for Theremin Bollards, currently exhibiting at the Science Museum London. Also the new Stylophone Gen-X for Dubreq Ltd. I have also designed Colorsound guitar pedals for Macari’s. Currently designing passive component test gear for Charcroft Electronics.


Capacitor induced distortion and the elimination of unreliable wet electrolytic capacitors in audio circuits. History of amplifier and loudspeaker development.

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