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Nick Jones known as Nicky


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Agored Cymru Advanced Web Development
COMP TIA Certified
HND Computing
BSc (Hons) Information Systems
Associate Fellow HEA


Founder & Principal Nick’s PC Repair and Network Consultants
University of South Wales, Lecturer in Informatics (Current)


Higher Education Academy (HEA)
BCS (British Computer Society)
BCI Society (Brain Computer Interface)
IDF (Interaction Design Foundation)
IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)


Neuroaesthetics is an emerging discipline, which explores the cognitive and affective processes involved in aesthetic experiences of beautiful artworks. My research proposes that the scope of Neuroaesthetics can be extended to user interface design. As studies have shown, aesthetics can have a profound effect on shaping user’s interpretations whilst they interact and engage with the user interface. Taking this work further, my research also aims to explore whether aesthetics can influence how people interact with digital interfaces, the reasons they do, as well as the choices they make.



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