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PhD Tropical Insect Ecology, University of Cambridge.
MRes Biodiversity and Conservation, University of Leeds.
MSc Science Media Production, Imperial College London.
BSc Zoology (International), University of Leeds.


I’m fascinated by the incredible diversity of life on earth. My background is in tropical ecology with a focus on insects and a specialism in fieldwork. During my PhD I spent many months in the rainforests of Borneo, investigating the relationship between forests and the ever-encroaching plantations of oil palm. I’ve also conducted expeditions and fieldwork in Papua New Guinea, Kenya, Madagascar, the Dominican Republic, India, the Philippines, Brazil and in the UK.

Alongside my scientific interests I work as a presenter, producer and consultant in TV and radio. Highlights include wrangling snakes, flying lizards and rhinoceros beetles for David Attenborough and presenting my trained fleas on the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures on BBC4.

At the University of South Wales I’m the course leader for the BSc course in Natural History, where we combine observational and scientific studies of the natural world with photography and filmmaking, and lots of fieldwork.

I’m also a seasoned circus performer and I enjoy applying the formulas of showmanship and presentation in communicating science and natural history to diverse audiences.

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