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MA Creative Writing (Aberystwyth University, 2016)
BA (Hons) English Literature (Cardiff University, 2014)
PhD Educational Research (Higher Education) (Lancaster, 2020-2023)


Student Voice Reps:
- Develop and deliver training to Student Voice Representatives and provide on-going support throughout the year
- Liaise with the relevant Faculty departments to coordinate student representation on Committees
- Monitor and facilitate the research undertaken by Student Voice Representatives
- Coordinate, publicise, and facilitate SVR Forums

Course Representatives:
- Monitor the Course Representative database, and identify gaps in representation
- Arrange and deliver Course Representative training across all campuses
- Coordinate, publicise, and facilitate Course Representative Assemblies

Enhancement of the Student Representation Network:
- Collate data on the Student Representation Network through annual feedback surveys
- Monitor the effectiveness of the Student Academic Representation network by producing an annual review of the scheme

Quality based research:
- Conduct research into academic practices at the University in order to inform University policy on quality enhancement processes
- Analyse the primary data received through student focus groups and Course Representative Assemblies, and identify themes, issues, or instances of good practice
- Create valuable data analytics to inform Union and University decisions
- Identify potential correlation with National Student Survey (NSS) scores which could inform academic working practice, and provide the Union with solid evidence on which to base academic campaigning and lobbying

Student Choice Awards (SCAs):
- Organise the annual SCA event




My research interests are:

- Student Voice and Representation
- Student Engagement
- Students as Researchers



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