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Post-graduate Certificate in Developing Professional Practice in Higher Education
PhD in Chemistry
MSc in Research in Chemistry
BSc(Hons) in Chemistry


I obtained my PhD from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany) with Magna Cum Laude distinction working under the guidance of Professor John A. Gladysz. My research topic involved synthetic chemistry, organometallics and catalysis.
To date, I have published 24 research articles including two book chapters on the recycling and properties of catalysts. My current H-index is 13.


After my PhD I moved to Bordeaux where I carried out research on inorganic and organometallic chemistry mainly focusing on physical chemical properties of complexes. A second post-doc at the University of Bristol followed involving synthesis of polyaminated molecules which have the potential to store bits of information (organic electronics). I did a brief post-doc at the University of Saint-Andrews in Scotland working on organometallics containing NHC (N-heterocyclic carbenes). Then I moved to Imperial College London to work on aza-helicenes for the generation of circularly polarized light. This was an exciting project which led to the publication of our results in Advanced Materials and Nature Photonics.
My next experience was at the University of Central Lancashire as an Associate Lecturer. There, I taught organic chemistry, organometallics, bioinorganic and biocatalysis to undergraduating and Masters students.
I decided to move to the University of South Wales in July 2016 to work in the group of Dr. Gareth Owen on the development of transition metal complexes based on Z-class Boron Ligands for the generation and storage of molecular hydrogen. This is an exciting project with great potential for generation of environmental friendly energy.


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Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


Transition metal catalysts based on z-class Boron ligands for the generation, storage and release of molecular hydrogen

Areas of Expertise

Synthetic chemistry
Hydrogen methodologies
Physical organic chemistry

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