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MA Graphic Communication – University of Glamorgan
BA (Hons) Graphic Design – (Gwent College of Higher Education, Newport)
HNC Computer Animation – Glamorgan College of Art and Design


Macromedia Flash Site of the day 2000 for previous incarnation of Campus Guide and Map, using Flash and QuickTime VR. For which I produced all the grpahics, most of the code and all the QuickTime Panoramas.


Design and Development of University Websites


Featured in chapter in the bestselling web design book, The ZEN of CSS Design: Visual Enlightenment for the Web

Waters, J, Neale, RH, Hutson, S and Mears, K 2005 A Perceptual Assessment of Personal Safety in Relation to University Campus Facilities. In: F. Khosrowshahi (Ed.), Proceedings: 21st Annual Conference. School Of African Studies (SOAS), September 2005. Salford: ARCOM, Vol. 1, 365-374.

Waters, J, Neale, RH and Mears, K 2005 Perceptions of Personal Safety in relation to the Physical Environment of University Campuses In: Tulla, K (Ed.), CIB Joint Symposium on Advancing Facilities Management and Construction through Innovation, June 13-16 2005, Helsinki. Facilities Business and its Management, Vol. IV, 230-242. ISBN 952-5004-62-7.

Waters, J, Neale, RH, Hutson, S and Mears, K 2004 Personal safety on university campuses – defining personal safety using the Delphi method In: F. Khosrowshahi (Ed.), Proceedings. 20th Annual Conference. Heriot-Watt University, September 2004. Reading: ARCOM, Vol. 1, 411-418. ISBN 0 9534161 9 4 (2 vols).


Advisory Group Member Institutional Web Managers Workshop Conference 2016
Advisory Group Member Institutional Web Managers Workshop Conference 2017


Have worked for the University’s Commercial Services department producing websites for external clients.


Have collaborated on varied projects concerning perceptions of Personal Safety, including fieldwork, presentation and dissemination of the final work.

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