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Rhian Newman known as Rhian


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BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences with Honours in Zoology – University of Edinburgh
MSc Ecology, Evolution and Conservation – Imperial College London
PhD Biosciences – Cardiff University


I am interested in the interactions between people and the environment, in particular how anthropogenic influences alter ecosystem functioning and individual species. My research looks to combine both, behavioural and physiological responses, when examining the species level impact of particular stressors.


Module Leader:

BI1S49 – Principles of Ecology
BI3S109 – Advanced Ecology

Teaching Contributions:

BI1S102 – Biomedical Research Skills
BI1S62 – Big Game Tracking (South Africa)
BI2S117 – Patterns in African Biodiversity
BI2S112 – Ethology
BI3S70 – Tropical Medicine
BI3S25 – Marine and Freshwater Biology
ES4010 – Terrestrial and Aquatic Conservation


Journal Articles:

Cullen-Unsworth, L.C., Jones, B.L., Sear, R.,Newman, R.C. and Unsworth, R. (Submitted). Reasons to be Optimistic: Local Ecological Knowledge confirms presence of Dugong. Marine Pollution Bulletin.

Thomas, J.R., James, J., Griffiths, S.W., Newman, R.C., Riley, W.D. and Cable., J. (2016). The impact of streetlights on aquatic invasive species: artificial light at night alters signal crayfish behaviour. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 176: 143 – 149.

Newman, R.C., Ellis, T., Davison, P.I., Ives, M.J., Thomas, R.J., Griffiths S.W., and Riley W.D. (2015). Toolbox: Light pollution and the cortisol stress response in dispersing Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) fry. Conservation Physiology 3(1): cov051.

Riley, W.D., Davison, P.I., Maxwell, D.L., Newman, R.C. and Ives, M.J. (2015). A laboratory experiment to determine the dispersal response of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) fry to street light intensity. Freshwater Biology 60: 1016 – 1028.

Wilson, R.C., J. E. Reynolds III, D. L. Wetzel, L. Schweirzke-Wade, R.K. Bonde, K. F. Breuel and W. E. Roudebush. (2011). Secretion of anti-Mullerian hormone in the West Indian manatee (Trichechus manatus) with implications for assessing conservation status. Endangered Species Research 14(2): 107 – 112.

Conference Papers:

Newman, R.C. (2013). Artificial Light and Predator-Prey Dynamics in a Freshwater Ecosystem. Orally presented at INTECOL 2013, London. August 18th – 23rd 2013.

Newman, R.C. (2013). Artificial Light and Predator-Prey Dynamics in a Freshwater Ecosystem. Poster presentation at ALAN 2013, Germany. October 28th – 30th 2013.

Newman, R.C. (2015). Artificial Light and the Predator-Prey Dynamics of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) in Freshwater. Orally presented at ALAN 2015, Sherbrooke, Canada. May 29th – 31st 2015.

Website Articles:

Newman, R.C. (2014) Look out wildlife, light pollution could get even more dazzling. The Conversation – (

Newman, R.C. (2014) Light pollution is bad for humans but may be even worse for animals. The Conversation – (

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