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BA (Hons) Sociology (University of Nottingham)
MSc International Security (University of Bristol)


Michael Coliandris is an hourly-paid lecturer on the BSc (Hons) Risk Management, Security Operations and Investigation.


Lecturer: BSc (Hons) Risk Management, Security Operations and Investigation modules 2015/16 –
PC2S021 Security Principles
PC2S020 Corporate Responsibility: Safety, Risk and Resilience
PC2S023 Management and Leadership within the Security Industry


Coliandris, M. (2016) ‘Review: An Introduction to Non-traditional Security Studies: A Transnational Approach by Mely Caballero-Anthony’, The Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles, 89(1): 85-87.

Coliandris, M. and Coliandris, G. (2015) ‘Is Anyone Remotely Interested? The Rise of the Police Drone’, Australasian Policing: A Journal of Professional Practice and Research, 7(1): 15-25.

Rogers, C., Coliandris, G. and Coliandris, M. (2015) ‘Police in the dronescape’, Police Professional, 47: 19-21.


My interest areas include:
The role of drone technology in contemporary security and policing
Relationships between technology, security, and sociologies of trauma
Non-traditional approaches to security studies
Private security (i.e. professionalization and commodification) and plural policing

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