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Bsc (Hons)


Daniel Welch is a PhD student within the Police Sciences division at the University of South Wales. Daniels current research is regarding the policing response to domestic abuse in Wales, whilst having a particular focus on victims and the implementation of police policy.


Update Editors for The Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles


Professional Journal Papers:

Welch, D. (2017) Sustaining Domestic Abuse as a Priority: Insights from Wales and Australia. Police Science: Australia and New Zealand Journal of Evidence Based Policing. Vol 2 (1). P.45 – 49.

Welch, D (2017). The sustainability of Policing Domestic Abuse: Insights from Wales and Australia. Australasian Institute for Policing Journal 9 (1). P.16 – 21.

Welch, D. (2017) ’Coercive Control: One Year On’, Police Professional, Issue 545: 25-26

Welch, D. (2016). Domestic abuse – A continuing problem for the police. Australasian Institute for Policing Journal. 8 (1).

Rogers, C. & Welch, D. (2016). Cultural perceptions. Police Professional. June, issue 509. P.16-17

Academic Journal Papers:

Welch, D. (2017). Update. The Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles. 90 (3), 274 – 281

Kirby, A. and Welch, D. (2016) ‘The Equality Act 2010, Specific Learning Difficulties and the Police: Two Sides to Every Coin’, Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles (OnlineFirst), DOI:10.1177/0032258X16657132


Society of Evidence Based Policing


Current research : A critical evaluation of police policy implementation and victim satisfaction of Domestic Abuse in Wales.

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