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Elizabeth Lloyd-Parkes known as Elizabeth Lloyd-Parkes

Dr elizabeth lloyd parkes  8462

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PhD; MSc Marketing


Research Specialism

  • Doctoral research focus: Tweens’ Expression of Self-Concept through Symbolic Consumption of Brands
  • Ethnographic/Autoethnographic/Narrative methodology/Storytelling

Main Teaching Areas

  • Trends in Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • The Marketing of Self
  • Services Marketing
  • Marketing Communications


Elizabeth has extensive experience in lecturing at under- and post-graduate levels within the field of marketing. Both her masters’ qualification and her PhD are in marketing-related subjects and her research experience is both academic and practitioner-based, again within the marketing field. A background and experience in marketing management and communications within such sectors and organisations as Sony Manufacturing, BP Chemicals, the IT industry, the Diplomatic Service and the Welsh Development Agency have informed her teaching and research. Elizabeth’s doctoral research deals with the child consumer and the way in which they express self-concept through the consumption of brands. She is currently conducting research into marketing of self through body modification, and has an interest in autoethnography and the contribution that personal story-telling can make to business and management and other disciplines. Other current research interests include spiritual consumerism, thanatourism and travel as a rite of passage. Elizabeth supervises and examines PhDs within the marketing field and those with an interpretivist methodology. She actively participates in consultancy regarding the marketing of third-sector/not for profit organisations.


Research Co-ordinator – Marketing, Tourism and Events


Lloyd-Parkes, E., Deacon, J. and Thomas, S. Celebrating the evil that men do: the ethics of marketing thanatourism – an autoethnographic approach. British Autoethnography Conference 2019 (22 and 23 July 2019, Bristol, UK).

Deacon J, and Lloyd-Parkes, E. The application of XHAE at the MEI. Academy of Marketing Conference 2019 (2.7.19 – 4.7.19, London, UK).

Lloyd-Parkes, E and Deacon, J
Tell me about it! The use of a co-constructed, auto-ethnographical, storytelling methodology to provide enhanced insight into the consumer’s purchasing experience. International Colloquium on Design, Branding and Marketing 2018 Colloquium (December 5-7 2018, Hasselt, Belgium).

Lloyd-Parkes, E; Deacon, J and Khair, N (2018)
The Full Story: mining rich authoethnographic data for insight into the international consumer’s behaviour with luxury fashion goods. Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness volume 12(4), 2018

Khair, N; Lloyd-Parkes E; and Deacon, J. (2018) ‘Influence of Cultural Dimensions and Brand Country of Origin Image on Consumption Behavior: A case of Jordanian Consumers’. British Academy of Management Conference. University of the West of England. 4th-6th September 2018

Lloyd-Parkes, E; Deacon, J and Khair, N (2018)
Dress Code: mining rich autoethnographic data to generate insights into international consumer behaviour with luxury fashion goods. Academy of Marketing Conference 2018, Marketing the Brave, July 2018, Stirling, UK

Deacon J and Lloyd-Parkes, E
The Use of a Narrative Methodology in Small Firms Research
Chapter in Edward Elgar Handbook in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. . Fillis, I. & Telford, N. (eds.). Cheltenham: (Elgar Handbooks )Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing, June 2018

Lloyd-Parkes, E; Page, D and Deacon, J (2018)
Visible Ink: a story-telling approach to the impact of body art on employment and identity. 23rd Organisational Storytelling Seminar, Storytelling in (and for) liquid times, February 2018, Roehampton, UK

Khair, N; Deacon, J and Lloyd-Parkes, E (2017) Exploring the Effect of Consumption Symbolism and Country of Origin on Consumers’ Perceptions of International Clothing brands. University of South Wales Business School Research Conference. University of South Wales, UK. 11th May, 2017. Best Paper Marketing Track Award.

Lloyd-Parkes E; Khair, N and Deacon, J (2017) The Name and a Dress: a co-constructed narrative of the importance of place of origin in consumer perception. Storytelling and Place Symposium, April 2017, Cardiff, UK

Williams, W; Lloyd-Parkes E and Davies, P (2013) Wordle: A method for analysing MBA student induction experience. The International Journal of Management, Volume 11, Issue 1, March 2013, Pages 44-53

UNDERTAKING MBA STUDY ICERI 2012 – 5th International Conference of Education Research and Innovation, November 2012, Madrid

Bennett, K; Lloyd Parkes, E (2012) Feed-Bac: an Investigation into Influences on the Consumer Decision-making Processes of International Baccalaureate Alumni. ICERI 2012 – 5th International Conference of Education Research and Innovation, November 2012, Madrid

Phillips, J; Lloyd Parkes, E (2012) An Investigation into the Motivations of Students Undertaking MBA Study. ICERI 2012 – 5th International Conference of Education Research and Innovation, November 2012, Madrid

Lloyd Parkes, E; Doherty, A M (2012) “Tweens’ Expression of Self-Concept through the Symbolic Consumption of Brands” Marketing: catching the technology wave: Academy of Marketing Conference 2-5 July 2012, University of Southampton

Long, L; Lloyd Parkes, E; Morgan, A and van Zyl, L (2009) “Driving change in curriculum design and assessment in higher education; inclusivity by accidental design” The Sixteenth International Conference on Learning 1-4 July 2009, University of Barcelona, Barcelona

Lloyd-Parkes, E., Morgan, A., and Long, L. (2009)Contemporary learning for contemporary roles: the contribution of themed, integrated assessment to graduate employability – A case of Coca-Cola. 4th Higher Education Academy-Business Management Accounting and Finance subject centre annual conference Engaging Employers. St David’s Hotel Cardiff April 2009

Lloyd Parkes, E; Morgan, A and Long, L (2008) “Responding to the needs of a contemporary labour market; the relevance of curriculum design and assessment in higher education” International Conference on Education Research and Innovation (ICERI 2008). University of Madrid. 17-19th November 2008

Long, L, Morgan, A, Lloyd Parkes, E and Snee, H (2008) “Changing Paradigms of Learning Designs: Integrating Overseas Students into the Final Year of an Existing Degree” The Higher Education Academy Business, Management, Accountancy and Finance Conference, 29 – 30 April 2008, Edinburgh, UK

Long, L., Lloyd Parkes, E. and Morgan, A. (2008) Changing Paradigms of Learning Designs Journal of the World Universities Forum, Vol 1 (2) pp.107-114

Lloyd Parkes, E., Lang, R.I.W. and O’Neill, M A (2008) “Understanding tweens’ identity as expressed through conspicuous consumption: an adaptive neural-net approach to the analysis of a complex socio-economic dataset” Child and Teen Consumption – conference on multidisciplinary perspectives on child and teen consumption, 24 – 25 April 2008, Trondheim, Norway


Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Member of the George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling


External Examiner at University of Chester
External Examiner at the University of Cumbria/Robert Kennedy University, Zurich
Former Trustee for Tenovus
Reviewer for the Academy of Marketing Conference
Reviewer for European Marketing Academy Conference
Reviewer for the Journal of the World Universities Forum
Reviewer for Journal of Business Research


  • Marketing of Higher Education
  • International Marketing of Engineering Software Products through Dealer Networks
  • Customer Relationship Management in the UK IT industry
  • Third sector marketing


  • Marketing to children
  • Influences on brand loyalty in teenage consumers
  • Perceptions of online dating profiles
  • Marketing of Self
  • Spiritual consumerism
  • Storytelling/autoethnography as a methodology
  • Projection of self-concept through tattoos
  • Travel-related consumer behaviour in young people
  • Consumption of music in children
  • Consumption symbolism and expression of self-concept in teens
  • Marketing communications
  • B2B exhibitions
  • Teaching and learning practice

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