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PhD BEng (Hons)


Invited to speak at the ‘Greening the Supply Chain’ conference, The Barbican, London May 12th 2009.

Invited to speak at conference Greening the public sector, Green to be Lean, The Barbican, London June 9th 2010.

Reviewer for the following Journals:-
Journal for Manufacturing Technology Management
Supply Chain Management: An International Journal


• Project manager for a consolidated purchasing information tool as part of a key set of products developed to streamline the supply chain. The goal was to establish a tool that enabled all members of the global purchasing team to analysis purchasing activity by product by supplier by price. This would enable consolidation of suppliers and hence bulk buying internationally across a variety of product ranges. This involved ensuring current data accuracy, establishing data standards, development of a tool which could interface with a variety of systems, bringing everyone on board and change management.

• Project managed the reconfiguration of a distribution center to enable new products to be stored and processed. Involved redesigning the distribution center, process redesign to enable a 30% increase in product flow, coordinating product movement from one distribution center to another while minimizing customer impact, buying in the new equipment, contractor quoting and eventual time planning and management of the work to minimize impact to day to day work.

• Part of a two member project management office which managed a distribution consolidation project. The goal was to consolidate the current 18 distribution centre network (numerous number due to companies recent acquisitions) into a leaner distribution network. This involved managing a complete analysis of the current network and the customer buying activity.

• As a Research Associate on a five member team to an Aerospace company, designed, developed and implemented a revolutionary ‘interactive’ business process model characterizing the Product Introduction Process (PIP) for new aircraft engines. Thereby enabling new PIP strategies to be evaluated and tested by senior management prior to actual implementation. Utilizing process and system optimization to reduce the time from concept to production from 5 years to 3 years (40% reduction) via the establishment of an Extended Enterprise environment.

• Researched, analyzed and developed the utilization of supply chain management, control and systems engineering to design a simulation model to predict how the upstream availability of marketplace sales information will effect supply chain dynamics, for example inventory levels and order rates.

• As a consultant supply chain analyst to a manufacturing company, directed a material flow optimization project. Using project management skills, operational research and supply chain management techniques eliminated 85% of missed customer orders without additional capital expenditure.


Course Leader for the MSc International logistics and Supply Chan Management


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Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


2008/09 – Gwent Police Authority – 2011 Strategic Review


Strategic approach to quick response supply chains in a disaster situation.
The impact of Community of Interest in the way a supply chain operates.
Can supply chain’s be green?
Impact of Measures of Performance and Information Flows on the Effectiveness of a Supply Chain.

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