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Magdolna Todorovic known as Magda

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PhD Astronomy & Radio Astronomy (The University of Manchester)
MSc Radio Astronomy (The University of Manchester)
BSc (Hons.) in Mathematics and Physics (The Open University)


Course Leader for BSc Observational Astronomy
Senior Lecturer in Observational Astronomy
Foundation year tutor for ESE


Refereed papers:
A 33 GHz survey of the Galactic plane from ℓ=27° to 46°
Todorović M., Davies R.D., Dickinson C., Davis R.J., Cleary K., Génova-Santos R., Grainge K.J.B., Hafez Y.A., Hobson M.P., Jones M.E., Lancaster K., Rebolo R., Reich W., Rubiño-Martín A., José A., Saunders R.D.E, Savage R.S., Scott P.F., Slosar A., Taylor A.C. & Watson R.A.

Anomalous Microwave Emission from the HII region RCW175
Dickinson C., Davies R.D., Allison J.R., Bond S., Casassus S., Cleary K., Davis R.J., Jones M.E., Mason B.S., Myers S.T., Pearson T.J., Readhead A.C.S., Sievers J.L, Taylor A.C., Todorović M., White G.J. & Wilkinson P.N.

Searching for spinning dust in the VSA Galactic plane survey
The Young European Radio Astronomy Conference,
July 28-30, Porto, Portugal [Talk]

The VSA Galactic plane survey
Planck workshop: CMB Component Separation and the Physics of Foregrounds,
July 14-18, 2008, Pasadena, California [Poster]

Gravitational lensing at sub-arcsecond scales
National Astronomy Meeting,
April 2004, Milton Keynes [Poster]

CMB foregrounds at 33 GHz, 2009 [PhD]
Gravitational lensing on sub-arcsecond scales, 2006 [MSc]



I currently work in the area of observational cosmology; more specifically spinning dust. I have used the observations from the Very Small Array, WMAP, IRAS and other infrared and radio frequency data to analyse a narrow region on the plane of the Milky Way. The aim was to find objects that are anomalously high emitters at microwave frequencies. This research is crucial for understanding the cosmic microwave background radiation.
I am also interested in component separation in the Galaxy, HI surveys and the study of UC HII regions.

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