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PhD, MPhil, BN, RN, NDN Cert, PGCE


Main teaching areas:

  • Pre-registration nursing,
  • BSc Community Health Studies,
  • Diabetes Care.



Medicine, Surgery, ITU and Community; Development of Diabetes services and care delivery.


Curriculum development, Management of people, Teams and the subject area of community and Primary Health Care.


Since 2000

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  • RCN
  • IWA
  • DUK
  • FEND


External examiner University of York 2011-
University Representative on Cwm Taf Health Board Education Committee 2010-
External Examiner BSc Health and Social Care, Swansea Metropolitan University 2007- 2011
University of Glamorgan representative on the Nursing and Midwifery Committee of Cwm Taff Health Board 2011-


Insulin initiation practices.

Research Interests

Diabetes and nursing, shared decision-making.

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