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PhD in Business (Entrepreneurship) – full scholarship
MBA in Marketing – University of South Wales.
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


Prior to Academia, Nihar began his working career within the Education and FMCG industry, working as Assistant Marketing Manager for an educational consultancy followed by Head of Corporate Sales role for an office supplies firm in India. Nihar then co-founded an high-growth educational consultancy firm in India which trained HE aspirants in various global entrance exams and counselled students for study abroad.

Nihar then gained his MBA qualification from USW, specialising in Marketing and then moving into academia to read his PhD in Business under Prof. Jonathan Deacon with a full scholarship. Beginning as a Postgraduate Academic Assistant, he quickly progressed into a Tenured Lecturer position within the Marketing department, finishing his PhD within 3 years and publishing an average of 3 scholarly articles a year within his research area of Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

Nihar has since assumed the role of Lecturer in Global Strategy and Entrepreneurship and has been leading to design and develop a suite of unique 2-year MBA-Global programs that include 10 month internship and consultancy experience embedded within the course, besides designing and adopting innovative ‘Client-consultant’ scenario based assessments along with reputable companies and organisations such as CATNIC (Tata Steel), WCIA and Shaws Direct.

During his career in academia, Nihar has also initiated the first South Wales Business School Research community to increase research output and engagement. He also planned and launched the inaugural South Wales Business School Research Conference, running it successfully for over 2 years. He is also a member of the PhD and DBA course team and works to enhance student experience.

Nihar’s next aim is to develop an Ethnic Entrepreneurship Hub within the business school to attract ethnic small businesses within academia for knowledge exchange and the identify ways in which ethnic businesses can play an active role in economic development in South Wales by creation of an ecosystem.

Nihar works closely with researchers within the Entrepreneurship and Effectuation domain to create a strong base of research publications and applied outputs that can tangibly bring a positive change in the economy by creation of new Entrepreneurs and making existing businesses engage with innovation and, networking entrepreneurialism for growth.


Co-founder – Maxxcell Institute of Professional Studies pvt ltd.
Head of Corporate Sales – Sundaram Multipap pvt ltd.
Assistant Manager Marketing and Business development – IMS learning resources ltd.


Programme leader: MBA programmes
Course tutor – PhD and DBA programs.
Developing International partnerships.

Module leader -
Strategic International Marketing (level 6 NSS module),
Global Strategy and Emerging Markets (level 7 MBA).
Strategic Marketing (level 7 MBA).

Lecturer –
Theoretical and Practical context of Doctoral Research (level 8 – DBA).
Research Methods (level 7 MSc).
Issues in International Management (level 7 MSc).

Outreach guest lectures:
Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset.
Understanding Global cultures in business.
Industry 4.0 – workplace of the future.


Entrepreneurship -

Amoncar, N.,Deacon, J. and Stephens, P. (2016). Defining Contextual Advantage: Exploring the Contextual Relation between Effectuation and Entrepreneurial Marketing for creating New Markets Effectually. Asia Pacific Journal of Advanced Business and Social Studies. 2 (1), pp.29-42.

(AWARDED- Best Paper in Business track at the Asia Pacific Conference on Contemporary Research, KL, Malaysia in 2015)

Deacon, J. and Amoncar, N. (2016). The notion of growth: a research agenda for SMEs and Entrepreneurs. e-Organisations and People. 23 (2), 12-21.

Amoncar, N., Deacon, J. and Stephens, P. (2016). Role of Culture in Effectuation: exploring the Marwari Cultural Philosophy and Entrepreneurial approach. In Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference 2016: Institutional voids. 28 October 2016. Paris: ISBE.

Amoncar, N., Deacon, J. and Stephens, P. (2017). The pursuit of Economic prosperity – Exploring the Entrepreneurial philosophy and approach of the Marwari Business community in India. In 50th Academy of Marketing conference. Hull, 03 July 2017. Academy of Marketing.

(AWARDED Best Paper in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Marketing track at the 50th Academy of Marketing conference at Hull University – 2017)

Igwe, P., Newbery, R., White, G.R.T. and Amoncar, N. (2017). Keeping it in the Family: Overcoming Institutional Voids – A family-based View of entrepreneurial behaviour. In The Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) Conference. Belfast, 08 November 2017. United Kingdom: ISBE. pp. 1-22.

Igwe, P., Newbery, Bob., Amoncar, N., White, G. and Madichie, N. (2018). Keeping It in the Family: Exploring Igbo Ethnic Entrepreneurial Behaviour In Nigeria. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research. DOI (10.1108/IJEBR-12-2017-0492)

Amoncar, N., Deacon, J. and Stephens, P. (2018). An exploratory study to understand the Marwari Business Community’s approach to Entrepreneurship.. In 5th International Effectuation Conference : Bringing Effectuation home to Darden. Charlottesville (VA), 01 June 2018. United States of America.

Marketing -

Amoncar, N. and Deacon, J. (2016). The Emerging Conditions of Meta-Modernism: an observation based interpretivist perspective on the curious case of Royal Enfield. In Academy of Marketing Conference 2016: Radical Marketing. Northumbria University, 07 July 2016. Newcastle: Academy of Marketing.

Amoncar, N. and Deacon, J. (2017). Social media in Politics – Simple aggregator or the emerging Ministry of truth. In 50th Academy of Marketing conference. Hull, 03 July 2017. Academy of Marketing.


Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
Member of the Academy of Marketing (Member of Qualitative research and Entrepreneurial/SME Marketing SIG).
Member of the Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship.
Member – AMED network.
Associate – Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research, Data and Methods.
SIG steering committee member – ESBM (Academy of Marketing).


Exploring a customer intensive social media strategy for Seren Group (UK):

The project involved exploring a suitable Social media strategy for client engagement by reviewing various digital marketing channels and suggesting a fit for purpose social media strategy for the third sector organisation. The final Board presentation involved presenting examples of using Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and analytics solutions to meet market penetration targets of the group.

Digital Marketing compliance survey for Welsh Automotive Forum (WAF):

The project involved developing a research questionnaire for the members of the Welsh Automotive Forum and analyse the response using SPSS in order to identify the competency of the WAF members in Digital and Social media Marketing.

Re-defining Market approach for International Centre of Goa through extensive community engagement:

Responsibilities involved developing and implementing a community driven Marketing strategy for the Not for Profit organisation and improving the focus of marketing operations. A new Social media and online marketing platform was designed, discussed with the Director.


Improving Customer service practices for Goa Sahakar Bhandar retail outlets (India):

The project involved analysing the Retail management structure of the Goa Co-op Marketing and Supply Federation ltd and drawing out a strategy to enable a co-operative retail organisation to overhaul its functioning through modernisation of Customer service, market strategy and positioning. The report submitted to the Board of Directors contained recommendation which were discussed to implementation.


I actively publish within the following areas:
Ethnic Entrepreneurship,
Effectuation theory,
SME and Family business management,
Entrepreneurial Eco-systems,
Entrepreneurial Marketing.

Reviewer for:
Journal of Strategic Change.
Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.
Academy of Marketing conference.

My PhD was within the domain of Ethnic Entrepreneurship.

The study involved exploring the Marwari community’s (a traditional Indian Business Community) Entrepreneurial philosophy and approach. The nature of the study is Qualitative, case studies of successful Marwari entrepreneurs from India were obtained and were thematically analysed to understand the infleuce of social context on the entrepreneurial philosophy and approach among the Marwaris, who account for a quarter of the Indian names on Forbes billionaires list.

Within Marketing I focus my research on Entrepreneurial Marketing and the Digital impact on Political Marketing.

Besides my academic research I am passionate about Economics, Politics , International relations and Higher Education.

Areas of Expertise

Teaching expertise –
Entrepreneurship in Ethnic business communities,
Effectual business strategies,
Family Business management,
Global Strategy,
International Business,
Issues in International Management,
Strategic International Marketing,
Strategic Marketing Management,
Strategic Entrepreneurial Marketing,
Business Planning,
Emerging markets.

Research expertise (Entrepreneurship)-
Ethnic Entrepreneurship,
Family Business Management,
Effectuation theory.
Entrepreneurial Ecosystems.
Institutional theory.
Social capital theory.

Research expertise (Marketing) –
Entrepreneurial Marketing.
Political Marketing.


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