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Laurea triennale in Scienze Giuridiche (LLB), University of Trieste, 110/110 summa cum laude (2006)
Laurea specialistica in Giurisprudenza (LLM), University of Trieste, 110/110 summa cum laude (2009)
Qualified Avvocato (Barrister), Court of Appeal of Trieste (2012)


I am an Italian qualified lawyer, with extensive experience in researching, publishing and teaching in the field of intellectual property law and policy. In addition to my academic activity, I am an Editor of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice (Oxford University Press) and I provide ad hoc consultancy to companies involved in IP litigation and licensing. In 2017, I have been selected as a future Research Leader of Wales by the Welsh Crucible programme.

Teaching intellectual property allows me to share with students and colleagues my passion for enquiring and understanding the correlations between law, science, culture and innovation, studying the many ways in which these relationships affect our society as a whole, including consumers, businesses, cultural and educational establishments, and other key players. My teaching is informed by research and aims to give students an in-depth insight into the latest advances in intellectual property law and policy. I place significant emphasis on the importance of understanding the different models of regulation, the philosophical and economic foundations of the IP system, and the socio-economic significance of the existing legal framework, enquiring the impact of new technologies and the rise of new categories of rights and protectable intangible assets (e.g. traditional knowledge, genetic data, cultural property, etc.).

Law students, as well as students from other faculties with an interest in IP, are welcome to contact me to discuss any aspects of my teaching, supervision and research. I also welcome enquiries from anyone who is interested in studying IP at USW, or in networking for research or teaching purposes (please refer to the contact details above).


I joined USW in 2014, as a lecturer in Intellectual Property Law at the School of Law, Accounting and Finance. Before moving to Wales, I completed my legal education in Italy, obtaining a postgraduate specialisation in comparative constitution making. I qualified as an “avvocato” (barrister) in 2012, mostly working in the fields of intellectual property, insurance, corporate, contract and bank law (I did, however, also gain experience of litigation in criminal law). I have published extensively in the field of IP, in peer-reviewed journals, and have contributed to the world-renown IPKat (2013) and PatLit blogs (2013-2015). My research has been cited in articles and books internationally, as well as in case law and official documents of EU and national authorities. In 2015, I have been appointed as Editor of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, the flagship IP journal of Oxford University Press.

At USW, I currently lead the LLM in Intellectual Property Law and I am responsible for IP and IT-related modules at undergraduate (Intellectual Property Rights, Cyber Law) and postgraduate (Intellectual Property Law, Trade Mark Law, Copyright and Design Law, Patent Law, Information Technology Law) level. I also teach IP modules to the staff of the UK Intellectual Property Office. In addition, I have successfully supervised a number of undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations in these subjects, and I am happy to be approached by students looking for supervision.


Editor of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (Oxford University Press)
Course leader for the LLM in Intellectual Property Law
Course leader for the LLM in Intellectual Property Law at the UK Intellectual Property Office
Module leader for IP and IT law modules at undergraduate and postgraduate level
Module leader for IP and IT law modules taught at the UK Intellectual Property Office


- Post Danmark: The CJEU Calls for an Effect-Based Assessment of Pricing Policies

- Secondary liability for IP infringement: converging patterns and approaches in comparative case law

- Commission v Microsoft: How to Set Reasonable Rates for Access to Interoperability Information and Evaluate their Innovative Character?

- Incremental pharmaceutical innovation in India: the Supreme Court’s judgment in the Novartis Gleevec case

- The Technology Transfer Block Exemption Regulation and related Guidelines: competition law and IP licensing in the EU

- Licensing standard essential patents: the definition of F/RAND commitments and the determination of royalty rates

- Licensing standard essential patents: the availability of injunctive relief

- Authorship of cinematographic works and ownership of related rights: who holds the stage?

- A preliminary injunction in the war of tablets: Apple’s design patent enforced, a year later

- Apple v Samsung: a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus smartphone

- The individual character of a design: freedom and the ‘saturation of the state of the art’

- The Enforcement Directive and invalidation procedures: an unsurprising negative verdict

- Shopping cart patents held invalid, a key judgment for e-commerce

- Dutch court examines the EU-wide effects of a Community design court’s decision

- Out-of-time requests and likelihood of confusion between marks containing foreign names

- The General Court on the complementarity of services covered by Community trade marks and the coexistence of conflicting marks

- Further steps towards a uniform approach to RAND rates for standard-essential patents in the US: the alternative ‘top down’ approach

- Burden of proving infringement in declaratory judgment actions of non-infringement remains with the patentee

- When the description limits the scope of the invention: careful drafting really matters!

- Pay-for-delay agreements in the pharmaceutical sector: towards a coherent EU approach?

- The patentability of inventions using publicly available stem cell lines obtained through destruction of human embryos: the EPO shares the perspective of the Court of Justice in Brustle

- Central Issues in Jurisprudence (Book review)

- The use of first names and surnames for cosmetic products: a complex relationship?

- JIPLP at 10: what’s next?

- The future of IP in higher education

- Laches and Statutes of Limitations in Patent Infringement Actions

- Pay-for-delay agreements in the EU pharmaceutical industry: patent law and competition law in light of Lundbeck


Society of Legal Scholars (SLS)
International Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Research of Intellectual Property (ATRIP)
Association of the Law Teachers (ALT)


Editor of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (Oxford University Press)


Ad hoc consultant to international companies in the field of IP (in particular, patents and competition law, including standard essential patents and licensing).


My primary field of research focuses on patent law (including related historical and philosophical aspects) and on the interactions between intellectual property and competition law (e.g. standard essential patents, FRAN/D licensing, pay-for-delay or reverse payment settlements, technology transfer, abuse of rights, etc.). In 2017, I have been selected as a future Research Leader of Wales by the Welsh Crucible.

I have a particular interest in understanding the way new technologies shape our perception and approach to intellectual property rights, as well as in enquiring the suitability of the existing legal framework to deal with new technologies. I also research and publish on selected themes in copyright (e.g. the rights of film makers and musicians, the idea/expression dichotomy, the liability of online intermediaries, the concept of ownership in history, etc.) and trade mark law (in particular, shape marks, relative grounds for refusal, use of surveys in litigation, consumer perception, etc.), as well as in areas that cross other fields of law (e.g. philosophical foundations of the IP system, traditional knowledge, ownership of genetic and medical data, effects of innovation on society and economy, economic approaches to breadth and length of intellectual property rights, constitutional principles concerning IP protection, etc.).

I am currently involved in a number of research projects that explore (i) the impact of 3D printing on existing IP laws, (ii) the protection of cultural property, (iii) the use and protection of genetic and medical data, and (iv) the emergence of international principles on the licensing of standard essential patents.

Areas of Expertise

Theory and practice of UK, EU and international intellectual property law
Patent law (including licensing and transfer)
Copyright law
Trade mark law
Competition law (especially in relation to its crossroads with IP law)
Information technology law
Comparative law
Constitution making and constitutional design

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