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Master of Education; PGCE/PCET; BSc (Hons)


Wendy has taught as a lecturer at the University of South Wales since 2012 and is currently working as an HPL teaching Social Policy modules, and as a master’s dissertation supervisor. Wendy recently passed her PhD viva; her PhD examined tolerance and ethnocultural empathy in the classroom in the context of multicultural societies, and she won the 2019 University of South Wales Research Impact Award. Wendy has worked as a Research Assistant and Evaluation Officer for South East Wales Regional Equality Council on the Family Skills project on alleviating poverty through education, in conjunction with the University of South Wales, as well as conducting exploratory research with Roma families, and assisting with the evaluation of the Women’s Advocacy project (now SEASS). In addition, Wendy has extensive teaching experience, from community learning and high school to further and higher education settings, including curriculum design and conducting teaching observations.


Currently out for peer review: Do soft skills help families deal with adversity? An evaluation of a family skills project in Wales. (2018) Wallace, C. Booth, W. Price, T.

Family Skills Project Evaluation Final Report (2017) Wendy Booth and Dr Carolyn Wallace University of South Wales, Families First Newport

An interdisciplinary approach to the high school curricula: Incorporating elements of social psychology into the Citizenship curriculum to increase levels of tolerance and Ethnocultural empathy in Anastasiou, N. Faustmann, H. Hadjipavlou, M. Karahasan, H. Psaltis, I. Zackheos, M. (Eds) (2017) The Role Of Education In A Multicultural Cyprus Cambridge Scholars Publishing

An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Citizenship Curriculum: The Inclusion of Elements of Social Psychology to Increase Levels of Tolerance and Ethno-Cultural Empathy European Journal of Social Sciences ISSN 1450-2267 Vol. 45 No 1 November, 2014, pp.44 – 48

An Interdisciplinary Approach To Citizenship Education Through The Incorporation Of Elements Of Social Psychology Into The Curriculum: The Results From An Initial Case Study 8-10 September 2014- Istanbul, Turkey Proceedings of SOCIOINT14- International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities ISBN: 978-605-64453-1-6

Education, Tolerance and the Sociological Imagination The Sociological Imagination

Book review: Managing the Undesirables: Refugee Camps and Humanitarian Government Central European Journal of International and Security Studies (CEJISS)

Paper presented at the European Sociological Association Mid-term Conference ‘Education and Social Cohesion’ at UCL Institute of Education (2018) Citizenship Education: the results from piloting the Tolerance and Ethnocultural Empathy for Mutual Acceptance (TEEMA) Resources in two mainstream high schools in Wales

Poster presentation at the Wiserd Annual Conference at the University of South Wales (2018) The results from an evaluation of the Family Skills project, and the impact of local cuts to Adult Education

Paper presented at the graduate Conference University of South Wales (May 2014) An interdisciplinary approach to the Citizenship curriculum in schools through the inclusion of social psychology: the results from an initial case study

Paper presented at the Ideals and Reality in Social Ethics at the University of South Wales (April 2014) Teaching social psychology in schools as an alternative or addition to intercultural contact: The results from an initial case study

Paper presented at the Role of Education in a Multicultural Cyprus (November 2013) University of Nicosia Cyprus An interdisciplinary approach to the high school curricula: Incorporating elements of social psychology into the Citizenship curriculum to increase levels of tolerance and ethno-cultural empathy

Paper presented at the European Sociological Association conference (August 2013) University of Turin, Italy: Educating to Foster Tolerance and Community Cohesion: An interdisciplinary Approach to the Citizenship/PSE Curriculum

Paper presented at Educating The Nations conference (July 2013), University of Huddersfield: Educating to Foster Tolerance and Promote Community Cohesion: Evidence for an Interdisciplinary Approach


The Chartered College of Teaching
Social Ethics Research Group (SERG)


Child protection (2012) Safeguarding our Children: A Guidance for Mosque Schools and other Islamic Studies Settings published by Newport Safeguarding Children Board and Newport Communities First Black and Minority Ethnic Partnership


PhD: (2013-2019). Thesis title: Tolerance and Empathy in the Classroom and Beyond: A case study examining the use of Sociology and Psychology within the Welsh Baccalaureate to promote higher levels of Tolerance and greater Ethnocultural Empathy
Other Research Interests: The application of social psychology within the school curricula of other countries; conflict resolution; inequalities; community cohesion; the impact of poverty
Director of Studies: Professor Steven Smith; Supervisor: Dr Susan Haywood
External Examiner: (Transfer viva- MPhil to PhD): Kenan Cayir, Bilgi University, Istanbul

Research Assistant and Evaluation Lead for the Families First Family Skills Project. Design of relevant and accessible research tools; qualitative research methodologies; questionnaire design; report writing; feeding back to the academic lead and the project’s leadership team.

Community Cohesion and Mosques in Cardiff: The Impact of Mosque Open Days (joint paper currently being written following interviews with local imams and questionnaires with the public)

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