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BA (Hons) Graphic Design
Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy


A highly experienced Lecturer and Manager, over the past 10 years Huw has developed and delivered an award winning range of post-graduate, undergraduate and foundation level courses in areas such as BA and MA Graphic Communication, BA Interior Design, BA Fashion Design, BA Fashion Promotion and Social Media, among others. Gaining numerous grants to support the curriculum and new courses, this has included a £325,000 ESF/Convergence Grant as well as a successful £800,000 HEFCW bid for curriculum development and delivery in Social Media.

Involved in key initiatives such as the HEA Change Academy, and Curriculum Design Guide, Huw manages a network of partnership activity across Wales and Overseas.

Main teaching areas

Graphic Communication Principles, Major Project, Minor Project, Design Competitions.


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  • Murphy, L., Thomas, B., Swayne, H., Metcalfe, R. and Jones, J. (2007) ‘An Exploration of the Skill and Competence Issues of An e-Business Directed Graphic Design Industry’, International Journal of e-Business Management, Vol. 1, No.1.
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  • ISBA National Small Firms Conference – November 2002 – University of Brighton ‘Identifying and Developing the Higher Order Skill Needs of Graphic Design SMEs in South Wales’ Murphy, L; and Swayne, H.
  • ISBA National Small Firms Conference – November 2001 – Centre for Enterprise ‘An Exploration of the Skill and Competence Issues of an Ebusiness Directed Graphic Design Industry’ Jones, J; Murphy, L; and Swayne, H.
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  • Small Business and Enterprise Development Conference – March 2001 – University of Leicester ‘Measuring the “Knock-on” effect of Ecommerce upon Graphic Design SMEs in South Wales’, Jones, J; Murphy, L; and Swayne, H.


National Society for Education in Art & Design (NSEAD)
Chairs in Higher Art & Design Education (CHEAD)
Design & Art Directors Association ( D & AD)


An active member of the Universities Quality Assurance Committee, Huw was previously Chair of the Universities Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Quality Assurance Committee, reviewing and approving all new modules and programmes for on site, collaborative and overseas partners. He has led Institutional and Thematic Reviews, across the University and with collaborative partners.

With substantial experience in supervision and management of quality at all levels, Huw has Chaired over 40 panels and events including work with internal, institutional and industrial external bodies such as the Law Society, Skillset and many Health related industries.


Acts as an advisor and consultant to several major book publishers in the Design Field, reviewing submission proposals, drafts and proofs of forthcoming titles.


Currently involved in research into the factors affecting course design and delivery in the creative industries. This expanding study includes a series of linked focused papers on Design curricula, and the influence and challenges presented by sector, industry and governmental requirements.

Personal research involves the increasing use of motion based graphics, both in the industry as a whole, and in learning environments across multi-platform and geographical boundaries.

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