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1) PhD in Business Management and Information System (2019) Faculty of Business and Society
University of South Wales |
Newport City Campus

2) MSc Information Technology Management (2009-2011)
University of Wales, Newport
Dissertation- Investigation of Implementation of IT in Yemen Higher Education System

3) Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (2002-2006)
University of Sciences and Technology, Yemen
Graduation project – Oracle Database Usage and Developer Language (THE EXCHANGE SYSTEM AND REMITTANCES)
4) Secretary Diploma (2013)
Institute of International computer center, Baghdad, Iraq


Research Coordinator
Centre for Leadership Innovation and Management Behaviours (CLIMB)
Faculty of Business and Society
Newport Campus 2014


Conference Paper

A.Abdullah, G.White, and B.Thomas, Conceptualising a New Stage Model of Electronic Business Adoption in Yemeni SMEs, The 39th Annual Conference of the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, ISBE, Paris, France, 26-27 October,2016.

 A.Abdullah, B.Thomas, and S.Metcalfe, MEASURING THE E-BUSINESS ACTIVITIES OF SMEs IN YEMEN, 1st Asia Pacific Conference on Contemporary Research, Kuala lumpur, Malaysia, 3-4 October,2015. ISBN:978 0 994365699.

 Abdullah, L. Murphy and B.Thomas, MEASURING THE E-BUSINESS ACTIVITIES OF SMEs IN YEMEN, ICSB World Conference Proceedings; Washington, Dubai, 6-9 June,2015.

 A. Abdullah, L.Murphy and B.Thomas,Analysing e-Business Adoption for Economic Development in Developing countries: the case of Yemen , Emerging Themes in Business 2014 Research Conference Proceedings, 2nd May 2014, Newport Business School, Newport, pp. 19-23, ISSN 2049-2937

Journal Paper

 A.Abdullah, B.Thomas, Murphy and E. Plant, An investigation of the benefits and barriers of e-business adoption activities in Yemeni SMEs, Strategic Change, 2017. ISSN 1099-1697. In Press. (ABS 2).

 Ahmed Abdullah, Brychan Thomas, Stuart Metcalfe, MEASURING THE E-BUSINESS ACTIVITIES OF SMEs IN YEMEN, Asia Pacific Journal of Advanced Business and Social Studies, 2016. ISSN: 2205-6033. Volume: 2, Issue: 1.

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