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BA English and History (Leeds, 1992),
MA American literature (Leeds, 1993),
PhD (Leeds, 1996), PGCHE (Open, 2002).


With a background in narrative and critical theory and previously teaching digital games design at Liverpool John Moores University. He is author of More than a game: The computer game as narrative form (Manchester: MUP, 2003), co-editor (with Tanya Krzywinska) of Videogame, Player, Text (Manchester: MUP, 2007), and has published a number of articles on games narrative and aesthetics.


Atkins, B. and Krzywinska, T (co-eds) Videogame, Player, Text. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2007.
Atkins, B. (in press, 2011) “Game Engines” in The Encyclopedia of Video Games, ed. Mark Wolf
Atkins, B. (2010) ‘Three Responses’ in The Logic and Structure of Computer Games ed. Stephan Gunzel, Michael Liebe and Dieter Mersch, Berlin: Potsdam University Press, pp. 104-09, 162-65, 232-37.
Atkins, B. (2007) “Killing Time: Time Past, Time Present and Time Future in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” in Videogame, Player, Text, ed. Barry Atkins and Tanya Krzywinska. Manchester: Manchester University Press.
Atkins, B. (2006) “What Are We Really Looking At?: The Future-Orientation of Videogame Play” Games and Culture: A Journal of Interactive Media, 1.2, 127-140. Reprinted in Media Literacies, ed. Margaret Mackey (4 vols.), London and NY: Routledge, 2007.


Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA)


Digital games

Research Supervision :

3 Complete PhDs.
7 PhDs currently supervised.

Research Degree Examiner Appointments :

University of Edinburgh (2010)
University of Portsmouth (2009)
UCA (2010)
Brunel (forthcoming 2011)
UCD (2011)

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