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PhD, University of Wales Cardiff
BSc Ecology, University of Stirling
PGCE, University of Wales Newport


Ron Johnston completed his BSc Ecology (Joint Honours Biology & Environmental Science) from Stirling University in 1994. PhD research followed at University of Wales, Cardiff which he completed in 1998. This studied the soil chemistry and plant / soil interrelationships on upland heather moorland in the Berwyn Mountains in Mid Wales. He taught Biology, Chemistry & Environmental Studies on undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes at USW 2000-2016. His research continues with several international research groups in the field of Ecosystem Studies and Education for Sustainable Development & Global Citizenship.


Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow for Science Education at University of South Wales 2000 – 2016. Roles extend to curriculum development /and programme leadership on various science / environmental based provisions : BSc Initial Teacher Training Primary and Secondary Science : BSc / BA Environmental Science / Environmental Studies and Foundation Science degree MA and PGCE post graduate programmes.


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Johnston, R.A.S. (2002) Wild Berwyn or coy nature reserve : a changing landscape. Canadian Journal of Environmental Education Spring 2002 Volume 7 (2).


Fellow of Royal Geographical Society
Senior Fellow Advance HE


Research interests are in the fields of Environmental Science and Ecosystem Studies that include landscape studies on upland heather moorland and industrially derelict land.

He has also been a key contributor to EU funded projects, collaborating with partners in Germany, Poland, Sweden and Spain. The most recent of these has been the development of an e-learning package available to students here and in these countries. This package seeks to develop statistical literacy and critical thinking about the presentation of statistical information

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L&T small grant aid to dvelop ESDDGC research in South Wales and Northern France

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