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BA (hons), MSc HRM, PGCE


White, G.R.T. and Brown, K. (2016) Future Applications of Blockchain: toward a value-based society. INCITE Conference. Amity University October 2016.
Martins, A.; Martins, I.; Pereira, O.; Brown, K. High Performance Working Practices: The New Framework for Nurturing Sustainability?. In Proceedings of the 1st World Sustain. Forum, 1-30 November 2011; Sciforum Electronic Conferences Series, 2011.
An exploration into the degree to which an employee’s culture acts as an antecedent to absence behaviour: A conceptual approach (Link) The International Proffesional Management Review (IPMA) incorporating: The International Journal of Proffesional Management. 2012 ISSN 20422341 Volume 7, Issue 1, July 2012




Human Resource Management
Organisational Culture
Industrial Relations
Currently exploring: Employers perceptions of accademic work based learning interventions; a traditional v innovative approach to delivery & assesment.

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