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B. Eng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering, PhD


Dr. Chong graduated with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Glamorgan in 1994 and subsequently stayed to study for a Doctoral Degree in the application of Artificial Intelligence techniques to the monitoring and control of industrial combustors which he concluded in 1999. After a brief stint working in academia and industry in Portugal and Malaysia, he rejoined Glamorgan as a research fellow in the Engineering Research Centre (ERC) in 2003 and is now a permanent member of staff upon his appointment as a senior lecturer in 2006.

Over the last 5 years Dr. Chong has been actively involved in a number of areas including research, teaching and course management. He currently supervises 3 PhD students, and is also involved in a number of externally funded research projects. His industrial experience includes the application of AI techniques to the condition monitoring and control of engineering systems, computational and empirical modelling of combustion processes, mechanical design and quality control in high volume production lines.

He is also a recipient of the British High Commissioner’s Chevening Award of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in Malaysia from 1995 to 1999, the Combustion Engineering Association’s Ezra Award in 1996 and the South Wales IMechE James Bates Prize in 1998.


Acting Programme Leader for Undergraduate Aero Courses. Primarily responsible for Engineering Materials based modules at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. Other subject areas include Instrumentation & Process Control, and Energy Conversion techniques for solid fuels (at MSc level). Supervision of PhD programmes and also final year student projects.


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Chong, A.Z.S., Wilcox, S.J., & Ward, J., “The Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Modelling and Heat Treatment Parameters Identification for Alloy-Steel Re-Heating Process”, ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information In Engineering Conference, Long Beach, California, September 24-28, 2005.

N C Hii, C K Tan, A Z S Chong, S J Wilcox & J Ward “The Measurement Of Pulverised Fuel Flows by High Frequency Acoustic Emission Techniques”, 7th INFUB, Porto, Portugal, April 2006.

J. Ward, C.K. Tan, Alex Z. S. Chong, S. J. Wilcox, “The Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Combustion Systems” Artificial Intelligence in Energy and Renewable Energy Systems”, ISBN: 1-60021-261-1, Nova Publishers Inc., 2006,

R J Tucker, J Ward, M Holmes, Z S Chong, J. Rhine, & D Jones “Development & Experimental Testing of a Porous Ceramic Zirconia Wall to Improve the Thermal Performance of a Steel Billet Reheating Furnace” Journal of the Energy Institute, ENI9395 in press (2008).

R J Tucker, A Z S Chong, J Ward, N Fricker, C K Tan, L Porcheron & T Ferlin, “Zone Modelling of Underport Firing of a Simulated Glass Melting Test Furnace”, International Gas Union Research Conference (IGRC), Paris, France, Oct 2008.

S.M. Thai, A.Z.S. Chong, S.J. Wilcox, J. Ward & A Proctor, “An Intelligent Methodology for the Co-Combustion of Blends of Coal and Unprepared Biomass”, 8th INFUB Conference, Portugal, March 2008.

J. Ward, R.J. Tucker, S. A. C. Correia-Eicher, A. Z. S. Chong J. Rhine, “The Effect of Installing Porous Refractory Panels on the Transient Start-Up Performance of a Gas-Fired Reheating Furnace”, Proc. 2008 ASME Int. Mech. Eng. Congress & Exposition, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Nov, 2008.

Patent Application No: WO2006136805, “Apparatus & Method for the Combustion of Liquids”, Applicant – UGCS University of Glamorgan, Inventors – CHONG Zyh Siong & TEOH Inn Seng, 2006-12-28.


International Flame Research Foundation
Member of the British Flame Research Council


International Flame Research Foundation


Dr. Chong’s main research interest is in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to the monitoring and diagnosis/control of engineering systems which include industrial combustion systems and more recently high strength composite structures. He is currently involved in a number of externally funded projects some of which are listed below.


• Principal Investigator, ERC internal fund & URIS, “Intelligent Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of Composite Aircraft Structures using Acoustic Emission (AE) Sensors”, in collaboration with AIRBUS (Filton) (£60k – September 2007)

• Principal Investigator, SMART Cymru, “Feasibility Studies of Using Heat Pipes for Waste Heat Recovery in High Temperature Applications” in collaboration with Econotherm (?£30k – Jan 2009)

• Principal Investigator, EPSRC CASE for New Academics, “Virtual Crash Testing of Specialist Wheelchairs, Seating & Restraint Systems” in collaboration with the Rehabilitation Engineering Unit of Rookwood Hospital (£70k – April 2004)

• Principal Investigator, Welsh Development Authority’s KEF (Proof of Concept), “Development of An Innovative Low-Cost Bio-Fuel Burner” (£88k – April 2005)

• Co-investigator, ERC Internal Fund, “An Investigation of the Generation of Acoustic Emission from the Flow of Particulate Solids in Pipelines”, (£45k – October 2003)

• Co-investigator, Research Fund for Coal & Steel (RFCS), “Intelligent Monitoring and Control of Large Burners Fired by Pulverised Coal and Coal/Biomass Blends (SMARTBURN)” in collaboration with Universidad de Zaragoza, Union Fenosa, IEN Poland, INDRA Sistemas (Spain) (£320k – Oct 2008)

• Co-investigator, The Carbon Trust, “The Optimisation of Biomass Combustion on Chain Grates” in collaboration with British BioGEN and James Proctor Ltd. (£98k – October 2005)

• Co-investigator, The Carbon Trust, “Development of Flameless Glass Melting”, in collaboration with Gaz de France and Global Combustion Ltd., (£230k – March 2005)

• Co-investigator, The Carbon Trust, “Development of a Radiant Recuperative Burner for Industrial Furnaces Using Permeable Ceramic Membranes”, in collaboration with Warwick University, Foseco Ltd. and Hotwork Combustion Technology Ltd. (£70k – September 2004)

His other work includes (i) Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling using ANSYS-FLUENT & PHOENICS; (ii) AI-based modelling & parameter optimisation; (iii) Water modelling technique for flame visualisation (iv) biomass co-firing with conventional fuels, (v) burner design suitable for biofuel.

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