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Susan Dray known as Sue Dray

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Registered Nurse, BSc (Hons) Nursing, MSc Health Studies, PGDip Learning and Teaching.


Senior Lecturer, passionate about giving good standards of care especially to our most vulnerable people. Caring for Older People is something that we all do, but it is important that this speciality is giving the credit it deserves. Nurses working in this area have to be hugely knowledgeable and I am trying to ensure this area of care is seen as a great area to work in.


Worked as a Registered nurse in many environments including Endocrinology, Acute Medicine, Neuro Rehab, Rheumatology and Orthopaedic Rehab. Managed wards that speciale in Stroke Rehab, Neuro rehab and Intermediate Care. Also managed Nursing homes that specialised in the Young disabled and Older people. Continuing to work as a Registered Nurse at times within a Nursing Home environment.


Lead lecturer for the Care of the Older Person.

Areas of Expertise

Bio-Psychosocial care, Older People, Vulnerable adults, Long term health conditions.

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