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PhD (University of Kent) 2002. “Female Voice and Agency in Thriller Adaptations”.
Directing Graduate (National Film and Television School) 1993.
Postgraduate Certificate in Radio, Film and Television Studies (Bristol University) 1983.
BA (Hons) Drama and Film Studies (University of Kent) 1982. First Class Honours.


Coral Houtman is a fiction filmmaker (writer and director) who pursues practice and production-based research in Screen Media and Performance. She took her first-class honours BA in Film (Humanities Faculty Prize) from the University of Kent, followed by a Postgraduate Certificate in Radio, Film and Television Studies from the University of Bristol (Drama Dept.). As Scottish Film Training Trust Cannon-Elstree Studios Bursary holder, she received her Diploma in Directing from the National Film and Television School, UK (graduation film, Augustine – awarded Special Jury Prize, Best Student Film, Houston International Film Festival; screened Norwich Women’s Film Festival and Clermont Ferrand Film Festival), after which she obtained a PhD from the University of Kent for her research on Female Voice and Agency in Film Adaptation.

Coral’s interactive film drama Echo (screened at Riverfront Gallery Newport and ‘Project Raspberry Pi Lockin’, Sony UK Technology Centre, Pencoed), explores the poetics of narrative multi-screen, immersive gallery drama, researching scripting, directing, mise en scene, editing and sound-design for five-screen interactive immersive drama. Practice-based research on this project also covered cross-platform production and screening as well as developing and combining software and hardware to run the installation. (Houtman, Coral. 2011. “Adventures in Remediation: The Making of Echo”. Digital Creativity 22:4, 263-274. DOI: 10.1080/14626268.2011.622285.)

To see Coral’s films please visit her website at and


Professional experience includes editing/assistant editing on the feature films Twenty Four Seven (Shane Meadow) and Someone Else’s America (Goran Paskaljevic) as well as The Child Business (‘Undercover Britain’ Ch4 documentary series), Bengali Backlash (Ch4 documentary), Feast (Ch4) and Notting Hill (3 × 30 min TV documentaries). Coral also demonstrated and trained editors on the ‘Lightworks’ professional random access editing system. Prior to this she was an Educational Producer for the Audio-Visual Department of Glasgow University and a film projectionist for the BBC.


Coral is on the Editorial Board of The Journal of Media Practice.

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2011. “Adventures in Remediation: The Making of Echo” in Digital Creativity, Vol 22:4, Taylor and Francis: Routledge, UK.

2011. “The Student Author, Lacanian Discourse Theory and La Nuit Américaine”. In Critical Cinema: Beyond the Theory of Practice. Clive Myer (Editor), Bill Nichols (Introduction) (Wallflower: Columbia University Press: December 2011).

2011. “Echo and Narcissus: Fiction Film making Practice as Research” 2011 ASCA International Workshop “Practicing Theory” at the University of Amsterdam. ASCA Conference Publication. Accessed 30/01/2013

2009. “Cultural Androgyny and Gendered Authorship in Don’t Look Now”, PsyArt: An Online Journal for the psychological study of the arts. Editors, N. Holland, M. Schwarz. (March 2009).

2004. “Questions of Unreliable Narration in The Sixth Sense” in Scope: An Online Journal of Film and TV Studies. University of Nottingham.

2004. Voice and Agency in Film Practice”, The Journal of Media Practice Intellect Publications. Vol 5, Issue 2.

2003. “Lacan’s Theory of the Four Discourses and The Sixth Sense”. In Journal for Cultural Research. Vol 2. Issue 3.

Conference Organising:

“Regional Connections to Practice” AVPhD (Audio Visual PhD) Regional Workshop, South Wales and South West England, 2008.


Fellow of the Higher Education Association (2010)


External Validator – BA (Hons) Performance Glyndwr University 2004. Year Zero Validation.
External Validator – BA (Hons) Film Production. 2006. Year Zero Validation. University of the Arts.
External Examiner – BA (Hons) Film Studies and Screen Practice/Film. Roehampton University 2008 – onwards.
External Examiner – MA (Hons) Film Production/Film History and Theory, Bristol University 2011 – 2016
External Advisor – MA (Hons) Film Studies, Bristol University 2016
External Examiner for PhD Practice as Research. Paul Philip Green “A Langian Approach to the Cinematic Construction and Performance of Inter-Subjective Phantasy” at the University of Bristol in 2008.


Coral’s PhD concentrated on aspects of narrative and point of view, examining the practical aspects of film adaptation, in relation to mainstream thrillers and feminist films. She has continued to explore matters of female point of view through multi-screen immersive narrative drama. Her research project “Echo” a multi-screen narrative installation involved working with students and fellow academics, and was supported by Skillset. Coral researched on “The Digital Media Essay”, first publishing on the topic and then introducing this as an undergraduate module. Currently she has projects in developing including “Archaeologies”, a transmedia fiction and documentary TV mystery series, and research into cinematic point of view and landscape, through the making of a short film “FEAR”.

Grants Awarded:

Celt (Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching) Award in 20011 for implementing the Digital Media Essay.
University Development Grant to support Echo and Narcissus in 2008.
Skillset grant to pay actors and crew for Echo and Narcissus 2009.

Research Supervision:

As Director of Studies:
Martha Blassnigg “The Cinema and its Spectatorship: The Spiritual Dimension of the ‘Human Apparatus", Successful Completion 2008.
As Second Supervisor
Emily Flynn-Jones“Death Smiles: A study of the function, nature and player experience of in-game death”. Successful Completion 2012

As First Supervisor:
Caroline Parsons “The Space Between: Embodied Cognition and Narratology in Digital Cinema”
Vanessa Dodd “The Page as Theatre of the Conscious Self”

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