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BA (Joint Hons – Sociology and English), University of Kent
MA (Sociology and Women’s Studies), Lancaster University
PhD (Sociology), University of Essex

Prince2 Practitioner (2010)
Certificate Health and Public Sector Management, University of Glamorgan (2011)


I am a Sociologist and my research incorporates critical race theory, feminism, community development theory, and critical perspectives in health, social policy and practice. My abiding research interest is rooted in intersectionality, in particular, the interplay and impact of, gender, age and social class as experienced by racialised, migrant and marginalised population groups. My early research included leading on the establishment of a Wales-wide infrastructure research support service that collated and made accessible online research, best practice and policy resources; conducting studies exploring cultural competencies of social work and nursing; and funding, supporting and (most importantly) evaluating the strategies, approaches and outcomes of locally based health and wellbeing small-grant activities led by community organisations. My completed funded projects include qualitative and mixed-methods studies on understandings of dignity, and on experiences and expectations of care, drawing on the perspectives of older Caribbean migrants (men and women) in a localised context, and on the perspectives of older women from a range of minority ethnic backgrounds, alongside the surveyed findings of community-based social care and support professionals across Wales.

‘Go Home’: Mapping the unfolding controversy of Home Office immigration campaigns ended in 2015. This 18-month, multi-site, interdisciplinary research project explored the impact on local communities and national debate of current publicity campaigns about migration by the UK Home Office. Funded by the ESRC (Rapid Response Strand – £200k), this project operated across eight universities; I led on the Cardiff work package.

Another recently completed study is Representing communities: developing the creative power of people to improve health and wellbeing (July 2013 to July 2017), a large multi-site project funded by the Communities, Cultures, Health and Wellbeing strand of Connected Communities (AHRC/ESRC). Using five detailed case studies rooted in communities across the UK (including two in Wales), the project aims to establish how community representations produced through creative-arts practices can be used as forms of evidence to inform health-related policy and service development. I led on the Representing Butetown work package (£183k) and the focus was on the leisure pursuits, physical endeavours and creative activities of older people, with a focus on individual as well as collective wellbeing (behaviours, expectations and representations).


Research Fellow & Project Manager, University of Glamorgan
Research Assistant, Commonwealth Institute, University of London
Part – time Lecturer, Birkbeck College, University of London
Senior Data Collector – QUALIDATA , University of Essex
Part-time Lecturer, University of Essex
Part-time Lecturer,University of East London


Board Member, Race Equality Sub-Group, University of Glamorgan
Member, Ethics Committee, Faculty of Health, Sport and Science, University of Glamorgan


Yu J, Saltus R & Jarvis P (2017) Perceived inequalities in care and support for older women from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds in Wales: findings from a survey exploring dignity from service providers’ perspectives. Ethnicity and Health, Doi: 10.1080/13557858.2017.1399200

Yu J, Saltus R & Jarvis P (2017) A survey of service providers’ views on care and support provision for older women from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds in Wales: Implications for policy and practice. Health Care for Women International, 38(7): 715-731

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Saltus R and Pithara C (2015) “Care from the heart”: older minoritised women’s perceptions of dignity in care. International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care 11:1 , 57-70

Saltus R and Williams C (2015). ‘Extending the parameters of Social Policy Research for a Multicultural Wales’ in Williams, C, Evans, N and O’leary, P (Eds) A Tolerant Nation? Revisiting Ethnic Diversity in a Devolved Wales. Cardiff: University of Wales Press.

Saltus R and Pithara C (2014). A sense of dignity in later life: a qualitative study on the views of older women migrants from minoritised backgrounds. Quality in Ageing and Older Adults, 15 (1), 1 – 13.

Jones H, Bhattacharyya G, Forkert K, Davies W, Dhaliwal S, Gunaratnam Y, Jackson E and Saltus R (2014) “Swamped” by Anti-immigrant communications. Discover Society, Issue 8. London: Social Research Publications. Available at: [last accessed: 8 May 2015]

Saltus R, Downes C, Jarvis P & Duval S (2013) Inpatients from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds in mental health services in Wales: A secondary analysis of the Count Me In census, 2005–2010. Journal of Diversity and Equality in Health and Care, 10(3), 165-176.

Saltus R & Folkes E (2013) Understanding dignity and care: an exploratory qualitative study on the views of older people of African and African-Caribbean descent, Quality in Ageing and Older Adults 14 (1), 36 – 46.

Saltus R & Folkes E (2011) ‘In their own words’ A qualitative study to capture what dignity means to people aged 50 years and older, and their experiences and expectations of care and support. Pontypridd: University of Glamorgan. ISBN 978-1-84054-248-6

Williams C, Merrell J Rance J, Olumide G, Saltus R & Hawthorne K (2007) A critical reflection of the research priorities for improving the health and social care to Black and minority ethnic groups. Diversity in Health and Social Care 4(3):193-197

Saltus R (2006) Improving the quality of access to mental health information and care: the views of health practitioners and social work professionals in Wales. Diversity in Health and Social Care, 3 (3), 183 – 189.

Saltus R and Kaur-Mann K (2005) Black and Minority Ethnic Mental Health Service Users in Wales: A snapshot of their views. Mental Health Nursing 25 (5), 4-7.

Saltus R (2005) Living and Working with Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia. Journal of Diversity in Health and Social Care, 2 (1), 71-74.

Saltus R (2005) Embedding Transcultural Health Care into Professional Practice. Multicultural Nursing 1 (1), 8-9.

Saltus R et al (2005) Scoping Study to explore the feasibility of establishing a Health and Social Care Research and Development Network covering Black and Minority Ethnic Groups in Wales. Pontypridd: University of Glamorgan.



Director, Women Connect First


2017: Evaluation of the ‘Tiger Bay Tales’ Project (Wales Millennium Centre)
2013: ‘Co-producing a research strategy to underpin Diverse Cymru’s Mental Health Programme for BME people in Wales’.


2013:‘Go Home’: Mapping the unfolding controversies of Home Office immigration campaigns (£200k large grant) C0-I, leading on Cardiff Case Study Funded by ESRC (£20k)

2013: Representing communities: Developing the creative power of people to improve health and well-being (1.5 million large grant). Co-I leading on the Representing Butetown case study. Funded by AHRC/ESRC (£188,701)

2011: Bringing research communities closer together: spotlighting the achievements, value, and role of community-situated research. Funded by the ESRC (£1000)

2011: Using the stories of older women from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds to understand their experiences of ‘dignity’ in social care encounters. Welsh Assembly Government. (£93,417)

2010: In their own words: A pilot study to elicit perceptions of dignity and dignified care from a purposive sample of older African-Caribbean and Black Welsh people aged 50 years and older living in Wales." New Ideas Fund, Welsh Assembly Government. (£9,596)

2008: WEDHS continuation funding. Funded by WORD, Welsh Assembly Government (£158,000)

2007 – 2008: WEDHS Research Fellowship. Funded by WORD, Welsh Assembly Government (£120,000)

2005 – 2008: Lead Applicant: WORD 3-year infrastructure support service programme Wales Equality and Diversity in Health and Social Care Service (£245,000.00)

2005: Lead Applicant: WORD Scoping Study (a study to scope the feasibility of establishing a health and social care research and development network covering the needs of Black and Minority Ethnic people in Wales (£20,000.00)

2003 – 2005: BE4 Study (a 2 year study commissioned by Awetu to improve access to mental health information and appropriate care to Black and Minority Ethnic Groups in Cardiff (£154,000.00)

PhD Supervision

The lived experiences of young men addressing their sexual health and negotiating their masculinities (Anna Sydor, 2010)

A thematic analysis of female university students’ perception of idealised body image in Sudan and their experiences of performing common beauty practices (Ibtisam Ahmed, 2013)

Current students:

Nova Corcoran: Designing culturally appropriate health communication for minority groups in the UK

Darren Ralph: An Intersectional Approach to Group Categorisation and Social Cohesion

Saghira Malik Sharif: A Conceptual framework for a culturally competent approach to involving British Pakistani families in genomic research studies

I welcome applications from prospective MPhil/PhD students in any of my teaching and research areas.

Areas of Expertise

- Health and Well-being
- Migration, Ageing and Place (with a focus on migrant, marginalised and minority populations)
- Black Diaspora Studies
- Dynamics of ageing and migration
- Qualitative Research Methods (Participatory Methods)
- Academic activism

My teaching interests include: ‘race’, ethnicity and multiculturalism,theory and practice, transcultural healthcare, the politics, methods, and the ethics of researching ‘race’ and ethnicity.


@Wales_ERC @BME_Wales @Caribbean_Wales

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