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BSc (Hons) Mathematics and its Applications
Ph.D. Mathematics
TEFL (Dip)
British Computing Society: Member (MBCS), Chartered Engineer (C.Eng.), IT Practitioner (C.ITP)
Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (PFHEA)
Professor of Learner Innovation


Jo is the Director of UNIC Online, leading and collaborating across the University in all aspects of learning and curriculum developments relating to the USW/UNICAF Partnership ( to enable and assure accessibility and positive learning experiences and outcomes for students studying online through the Partnership. This includes assuring close equivalence between USW’s on-campus and online provision and enabling continuing development of academic practice from shared experiences. Learning analytics is an important element providing greater insight of student learning behaviours, informing best positioning of learner support and enhanced knowledge of student engagement to maximise retention and success.

Aside from work, Jo played tennis at county (Yorkshire) and national (England B) levels and continues to take an active interest in sport and keeping fit. A regular concert goer, she enjoys listening to a range of music.


As an experiential learner with practical learning and teaching experiences across the UK (Worcester, Aston and South Wales) and Europe in over 35 years of in Further and Higher Education, Jo’s lecturing and research activities focus on innovating and enhancing personal and organisational learning in academic and corporate environments. Her significant experience of quality assurance and enhancement has been achieved through her career in Further and Higher Education in the UK and Europe. An alumni of the University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology (now part of Cardiff University), she has assured the currency of her real-world experiences by regularly undertaking industrial secondments during her career. As her career has progressed into management, Jo continues to teach and learn as an important ingredient of her continuing professional development ensuring knowledge currency of student engagement, experiences and expectations.


At University of South Wales:-
- Academic Board: Member
- Learning and Teaching Enhancement Committee: Member
- Quality Assurance Committee: Member
- Learning and Teaching Professional Standards Group (Chair)
- Higher Academic Awards Committee: Member
- USW/UNICAF Partnership Board Member. Also Chair of UNICAF Operations Group at USW.


Smedley, J.K. & Hulford, M. (2014). “Bending without breaking”. Presentation at HEA (Wales) Future Directions Conference, Aberystwyth University, April 2014.
Smedley, J.K. & Mulholland, C. (2014). “Knowing you’re there”. Presentation at HEA (Wales) Future Directions Conference, Aberystwyth University, April 2014.
Al-Adwan, A.S., Al-Adwan, A. & Smedley, J.K. (2013a). “Exploring Students Acceptance of Technology in Jordanian Universities”. International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology (IJEDICT) 2013, Vol. 9, Issue 2, pp 4-18.
Al-dwan, A.S. & Smedley, J.K. (2012c) “Implementing e-learning in the Jordanian Higher Education System: Factors Affecting Impact”. International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology (IJEDICT), 2012, Vol. 8, Issue 1, pp. 121-135.
Smedley, J.K. (2012a) “Managing E-xpectations: Developing Knowledge Management Through Market Communication”. Chapter in “Higher Education Management and Operational Research: Demonstrating New Practices and Metaphors”, G. Bell, J. Warwick and P. Galbraith (Eds.), pp97–108. Sense Publishers. ISBN 978-94-6091-974-9.
Smedley, J.K. (2011) “Developing an employer responsive provision”. Outcomes from the HEA funded Evidence based Practice Seminar (October 2010) held at University of Wales, Newport. Available at (Accessed September 23rd 2011)
Smedley, J.K. (2011) “Supporting Tomorrows Managers: enhancing employability in M level students”. Outcomes from the HEA Seminar Series 2011 event (May 2011) held at University of Wales, Newport. Available at (Accessed September 23rd 2011)
Smedley, J.K. (2010) “Modelling the impact of knowledge management using technology”. OR Insight (Dec 2010) Vol. 23, 4, 233-250. ISSN 0953-5543.
Dobson, A. & Smedley, J.K. (2010) “Mind the Gap: modelling flexible learning for professional applications involving law”, Proceedings of the Newport NEXUS Conference Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching Special Publication, No 3, 2010. ISBM 978-1-899274-43-7.
Smedley, J.K. (2009), “Modelling Personal Knowledge Management”, OR Insight (Dec 2009) Vol. 22, 4, 221–233

Presentations include:-
Inaugural Professorial Lecture, University of South Wales, December 2014.
Keynote at Swednet Conference, Halmstad University, May 2015.

Further details of publications and presentations are available at


Operational Research Society
British Computing Society


QAA Advisory Group for Learning and Teaching (2012): Member
HEFCW Advisory Group reviewing the Learning Through Technology Strategy (2014): Member
External Examiner for Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching (University of Aberystwyth): 2014-2018
External Panel Reviewer for HEA Institutional accreditation: joint Unis of Aberystwyth and Bangor initiative, University of Bedfordshire: 2014-2018
Member of HEA (Wales) Future Directions Steering Group (Global Graduates: Enabling Flexible Learning): 2013-2015
HEA (Wales) Work-strand leader (Global Graduates: Enabling Flexible Learning): Learner Journeys: 2013-2015


During her career, Jo’s successful bids for internal and external funding total over £700,000.
Examples include:-
Smedley, J.K., Blackey, H., Lewis, D., Makepeace, P. Naamani, C. (2014). Successful proposal to USW to establish Distance Online Delivery development (£350,000). More details of initiative to follow.
Smedley, J.K. & Worthington, V. (2013). Successful bid to HEA/NUS Student Led Teaching Awards Innovation Fund (£1727.55). More info at
Smedley, J.K. (2011). Successful application (£500) to host a Higher Education Academy Workshop and Seminar Series 2012 entitled “Believe and achieve: supporting achievement through the co-curriculum”.
Smedley, J.K. & Reilly, H. (2011) Successful application (£1500) to National Union of Students/Higher Education Academy to support the development of student-led teaching awards during 2011-2012, November 2011. More information at:-
Smedley, J.K. (2011) Successful Reverse Strategic Insight Award (£1500) to support employer involvement in CELT Communication project, September 2011.
Individual and collaborative successful bids totalling over £360,000
Smedley, J.K. (2010). Successful application to The Higher Education Academy Seminar Series (Wales). Seminar entitled “Supporting tomorrow’s managers: developing employability skills in an M level curriculum”. December 2010 (£500)
Hartley, P. and Smedley, J. (2010). Successful collaborative bid with Bradford University (academic partner) with HE Academy (professional partner) to “Embedding Work-with-IT” JISC funded initiative (£10,000). Final Report available.
Smedley, J.K. & Thomas, A. (2010) Successful UWN Learning and Teaching Grant (£5000) entitled “Closing the Gap: expectation .v. experience in student learning”, May 2010.
Smedley, J.K., Lewis, A. & Rees, S. (2009) Successful application to The Higher Education Academy Evidence Based Practice Employability and Employee Learning Seminar Series 2009, December 2009 (£500)
Smedley, J.K. & Dobson, A. (2009) Successful UWN Learning and Teaching Grant (£4420) entitled “Mind the gap: making a professional studies learning curriculum more flexible”, November 2009.
Smedley, J.K. (2009). Successful UWN Reverse Strategic Insight Award (£3000) to support employer mentoring in University hosted internship development. Octber 2009
Jenkins, L. et al(2009) Collaborative bid writer and team member in successful JISC BCE CRM process improvement pilot project: “Newport CRM Process and Policy Development” (£50,000), June 2009.
Smedley, J.K. & Pritchard, G. (2009). “Building Bridges for Regeneration: negotiating language and culture change to support cross-School developments in a ‘hothouse’ environment of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial activity”. Successful Change Academy 2009 proposal to support City Campus developments (Newport Business School and School of Art, Media and Design), University of Wales, Newport, Sept 2009 – Aug 2010
Smedley, J.K. (2008 – 2010) Centre for Work-Based Learning, Graham Review funding, University of Wales, Newport, Sep 08 – Aug 10, (£100,000)
Smedley, J.K., Pritchard, G., Woods, N. & Simmons, M. (2008). JISC TechDis HEAT3 funding, Sept 08 – June 09, £2000.
Further details are available at


Jo is passionate about flexible learning and curriculum initiatives which enhance promote life-wide learning, enhance employability and enable earning-and-learning. Described as an “enthusiastic entrepreneur” and a “creative thinker”, her work focuses on applying academic knowledge to professional practice and vice versa with a focus on enhancing effectiveness and efficiency of systems, processes and practices – particularly using appropriate technologies. The nature of Jo’s lecturing and research activities involves collaborating widely to design, develop, implement and support change across cultural boundaries. She has successfully supervised over thirty undergraduate and postgraduate research projects and dissertations focusing on the impact of using technologies to enhance academic and professional practice in learning and work-place environments.

Further details are available at

Areas of Expertise

Knowledge Management applied to personal and organisational settings;
Business Information Systems;
Learning Analytics;
Enhancing learning through technology



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