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PhD ‘Development of a Novel Ex Situ Hydrogenotrophic Methanogenesis Process Using Mixed Anaerobic Enriched Microbial Cultures as the Catalysts’
MSc ‘Renewable Energy and Resource Management’
BSc (Hons) ‘Physical Sciences’


Savvas , S. , Donnelly ; J. , Patterson , T. ; Chong , Z S. & Esteves , S R. 2018 , ’ Methanogenic capacity and robustness of hydrogenotrophic cultures based on closed nutrient recycling via microbial catabolism : Impact of temperature and microbial attachment ’ Bioresource Technology , vol 257 , S0960852418303067 , pp. 164-171.

Patterson, T. ; Savvas, S. ; Chong, A. ; Law, I. ; Dinsdale, R. ; Esteves, S. 2017, ‘Integration of Power to Methane in a waste water treatment plant – A feasibility study’ Bioresource Technology, December 2017, Vol.245, pp.1049-1057.

Savvas, S. ; Donnelly, J. ; Patterson, T. ; Chong, Z S. ; Esteves, Sandra R. 2017, ‘Biological methanation of CO2 in a novel biofilm plug-flow reactor: A high rate and low parasitic energy process’
Applied Energy, 15 September 2017, Vol.202, pp.238-247.

Savvas, S. ; Donnelly, J. ; Patterson, T. ; Dinsdale, R. ; Esteves, S R. 2017, ‘Closed nutrient recycling via microbial catabolism in an eco-engineered self regenerating mixed anaerobic microbiome for hydrogenotrophic methanogenesis’ Bioresource Technology, March 2017, Vol.227, pp.93-101.

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