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*PhD (2012-present; USW) entitled: ‘Because without a dad…their family would pretty much be incomplete’: A longitudinal and cross-cultural study on children’s well-being.
*BSc in Developmental Psychology (2012; University of Glamorgan)


Klara’s academic path began in 2009 when she came to the University of Glamorgan to study a BSc in
Developmental Psychology. She is currently near to completion of a PhD, which focuses on the impact of family setting on children’s socio-emotional well-being and how the social and emotional skills (i) develop over time and (ii) differ across cultures. Working in collaboration with other senior psychology staff members in 2013, she acted as a research assistant for a project funded by the Welsh Assembly Government. Since 2013, Klara has been teaching on a broad spectrum of psychological subject disciplines, ranging from levels 4 to 7. Through passion, positivism, professionalism, and responsiveness, she aims to further develop her career in terms of teaching and research.


*Designing and conducting large scale, cross-cultural research
*Collecting and analysing qualitative and quantitative data
*Working collaboratively within a research environment
*Teaching on a range of psychology modules (levels 4-7)
*Module leadership
*Undergraduate dissertation supervision


*Module leadership (Play and Development; level 6; 2016)
*Undergraduate dissertation supervision (Advanced Research Methods; level 6; 2016-2017)

I currently teach on:
*MSc Play Therapy & Therapeutic Play [Child Development]
*Postgraduate Diploma in Integrative Counseling and Psychotherapy [Advanced Integrative Theory & Skills; Advanced Applied Practice]

Previous teaching responsibilities:
*Child Development (level 7; 2015-2016)
*Development in Childhood & Adolescence (level 5; 2013-2016)
*Introducing Psychology (level 4; 2013-2016)


Postgraduate General Member of the Education and Child Psychology Division: BPS


WAG Funded Project (£22k) to inform the Welsh Government campaign on positive parenting approaches to managing child behaviour (2013).


*Socioemotional well-being of children
*Children’s mental health
*Cross-cultural differences in children’s psychological functioning
*Intact and non-intact family environments

Areas of Expertise

Developmental psychology, children’s socioemotional well-being, family environments.

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