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MEd Applied Linguistics
Open University, UK
Sep 2010 – Sep 2013

PGCE Teaching
Cardiff University, UK
2002 – 2004

PhD Environmental engineering
Cranfield University, UK
1994 – 1997

MSc Energy conservation & the environment
Cranfield University, UK
1992 – 1994

HND Mechancial Engineering
Cheltenham Technical College, UK
1985 – 1987


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I was nominated for the Best Course Leader and Best Lecturer categories for the University of South Wales Student Union Student Choice Awards, 2018. Thanks to our students for those nominations.

My book entitled ‘101 Ways To Succeed and Become A 1st Class Student’, 1st edition, Createspace Publishing, ISBN-13: 978-1080964048, 2019 is available at this link

My book entitled ‘How to be a 1st class student: Easy ways for science and engineering students to ace assignments and excel in exams’, 1st edition, Createspace Publishing, ISBN-13: 978-1790288212, 2019 is available at this link


Indentured and Experienced Environmental Engineer

In 1987 I became an indentured Mechanical Engineer designing aircraft undercarriage.
After completing a sponsored PhD in Environmental Engineering, I was employed as an Environmental Consultant specializing in energy and sustainability projects for 4 years. These projects ranged in from, e.g. installing domestic solar hot water systems to rolling-out national government energy efficiency systems. In 2006 I was commissioned by the Energy Institute to provide renewable energy training; from 2006 to 20010 I was a Chartered Quality Institute Consultant providing Environmental Management training.


Prize-winning, Experienced Senior Academic

I have well over a decade of experience and knowledge, not just of academic operations, but of academic leadership, management and strategic development. Specifically:

  • I am Course Leader, i.e. I manage all student-experience related aspects, for the MSc Safety, Health and Environmental Management. I also lead teaching on under- and post-graduate modules. I have won 4 University prizes for my innovative teaching – using mixes of traditional, totally at a distance and online classroom environments, (having students sat with me in the same room, whilst others receive my lectures streamed live with interactive text messaging). I therefore understand and lead as an example of good innovative and engaging teaching practice.
  • I’m also a keen scholar; having published 45 research papers and have supervised 7 PhD/MPhil’s successfully so far. I therefore know how to gain funding for, and how to give support to, students undertaking cutting-edge research.
  • During 2012 I successfully completed a 3 yr (60% fulltime) secondment in our University’s Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching where I was Head of Technology Enhanced Learning. In this role I managed a team of staff comprising Senior Lecturers and IT experts. I was responsible for strategic and operational tasks such as developing University policies, reviewing our virtual learning environment, and gaining research funding.


My book entitled ‘101 Ways To Succeed and Become A 1st Class Student’, 1st edition, Createspace Publishing, ISBN-13: 978-1080964048, 2019 is available at this link

My book entitled ‘How to be a 1st class student: Easy ways for science and engineering students to ace assignments and excel in exams’, 1st edition, Createspace Publishing, ISBN-13: 978-1790288212, 2019 is available at this link

My contributions to research have been in two key areas: Environmental Engineering and Higher Education. I have published a total of 31 papers and 2 books in the field of Environmental Engineering, and a total of 13 in the field of Higher Education.

Environmental Engineering

My book entitled ‘Environmental Management Systems: An easy to use guide to boosting your organization’s environmental performance’, 2nd edition, Createspace Publishing, ISBN-13: 978-1539398240, 2016 is now available at this link.

Based upon 5 years of indentured industrial mechanical engineering experience and post-graduate research which I completed as part of an MSc Energy Conservation and the Environment, I completed a government-funded PhD in 1997.

From my research I published my research findings in the fields of Environmental Engineering in 12 internationally-significant and peer-reviewed journal papers, viz.:

1. Price T.J. & Probert S., (1994) Rail transport considerations in the UK’s energy policy, Applied Energy, 49(4), Oxford, England, pp 317-342.
2. Price T.J. & Probert S., (1995) Role of road transport in UK’s energy policy, Applied Energy, 50(1), Oxford, England, pp 1-22.
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12. Price T.J. , Probert S. & Manley B., (1998) Improving the reliability of lfg generation assessment tests, Applied Energy, 60(1), pp. 41-63.

My research (shown above) informed government environmental regional planning and informed sustainable economic development across south east Wales. After completing my PhD, I then worked as an Environmental Consultant continuing to contribute to my field of research, industry and wider society. This is evidenced in my next 5 journal and conference papers, viz.:

13. Price T.J. and Probert D., (2002), The need for environmentally-sustainable developments, International Journal of Global Energy Issues, 17(1-2), pp. 1-22.
14. Price T.J., Domestic solar hot water – the DIY approach, Energy World, No. 289, Institute of Energy, London, May 2001, pp. 18-19.
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17. Price T.J. & Vawser M., (1998) A community wind cluster on Mynydd Fochriw, Mid-Glamorgan, south Wales, British Wind Energy Association Conference, 2-4 September, Cardiff, Wales.

Since joining the University of South Wales (then Glamorgan) in 2001, I have continued to publish my cutting-edge research and have spear-headed industrially-funded environmental engineering research. For example I gained commercial funding for research into developing a renewable fuel (using waste oil) for domestic oil-fired cookers; investigating carbon measuring of construction; and from the Nigerian government to develop an integrated solid waste management framework for part of the Niger Delta. Evidence of this and other significant research findings I and the research teams in which I have led or made a significant contribution to, have published since joining the University of South Wales is provided in my next 15 published papers, viz.:

18. Price T.J. & Ward P. (2003) Planning for renewable energy in Wales, Town and Country Planning, 72(10), pp. 320-321
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Higher Education
The second area of my research has been in improving university-level engineering education. Although I was interested in this area before, being Head of Technology Enhanced Learning at the University of South Wales (as a 60% fulltime equivalent secondment for 3 years) enabled me to make a more significant contribution to this important area. For example, during 2009 I gained UK government funding to enhance the capacity of our University to provide technology enhanced learning across all its courses. I also led institutional reviews of our virtual learning environment, and pan-university teaching, learning and assessment strategy. This, and my other engineering education-related work, is evidenced in the next 14 papers I and the research teams in which I have led or made a significant contribution to, published, viz:

33. Bowen E., Price T.J., Lloyd S. & Thomas S. (2005) Improving the quantity and quality of attendance data to enhance student retention, Journal of Further and Higher Education, 29(4), pp. 375–385
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I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


Areas of Expertise

Energy and environmental management; higher education especially technology enhanced learning and technology-scaffolded learning.

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