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Diploma in Statistics (Open)
PhD ‘Rotating perfect fluid bodies in Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity’, First Class with Honours Masters Degree – MMath


Career Summary

Graduated MMaths 2000.
Phd Awarded 2005
Lecturing/Teaching since 2000.
Full Time Appointment 2006
Permanent Full Time 2007

Outside Interests:

General fitness, Zumba, Natural Disasters, Klingon, Ham Radio and CB


I have been lecturing now for 17 years.


Main Teaching subjects and course leadership:

Engineering Mathematics
Second Year Further Calculus
Statistical Inference.
Time Series and Forecasting.
AM1S33 (Franchised), AM0H01, AM0H03
Partial Differential Equations

Administrative Activities

Franchise coordinator for the following courses
AM1S40– Engineering Mathematics

Timetabling for Department

Contact for departmental book orders and library stock.

Faculty Ethics Champion

Departmental Health and Safety Manager

Fire Warden


Selected Publications:

Wiltshire R., Messenger P., Robertson-Walker Fluid Sources Endowed with Rotation Characterised by Quadratic Terms in Angular Velocity, General Relativity and Gravitation August 2003 Vol 35 part 8 pages 1417-1433

Wiltshire R., Messenger P., Slowly Rotating Compact Fluid Sources Embedded in Kerr Empty Space-Time, General Relativity and Gravitation May 2004 Vol 36 part 5 pages 1213-1223

Fuzzy Inference Modeling Based on Fuzzy Singleton-type Reasoning, Yan Shi, Kyushu Tokai University, Japan, Paul Messenger, University of Glamorgan, United Kingdom, Masaharu Mizumoto, Osaka Electro-Communication Universit, IJICIC, February 2007, Volume 3

G. Wang, P.Shi and P. Messenger, Representation of uncertain multichannel digital signal spaces and study of pattern recognition on metrics and different values on fuzzy n-Cell number spaces. IEE Trans on Fuzzy Systems, vol.17, no. 2 pp.421-439, 2009

G. Wang, P.Shi and P. Messenger, Constructing n-cell numbers by using double-side seperation degrees and pattern recognition based on the maximal membership principle. IET Signal Processing, 2011 Vol 5, pp 652 – 661.


Institute of Physics
Gravitation Physics Group IOP, Environmental Physics Group IOP.
International Editorial Board for the International Journal of Meteorology


External / Professional Representation:

Institute of Physics
Gravitation Physics Group IOP
TORRO and International Journal of Meteorology


Main Research Subjects & Current Projects:

Statistics and Prediction of Natural Disasters and other Stochastic Processes

Current projects include:

Paleoclimatology, Ice Ages and the Vostok Ice core data.
Natural Disaster Prediction
Research Interests:

Solar Physics
Natural Disasters
Nuclear Physics – Fission and Fusion
Teaching of Maths and RI Masterclasses

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