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PhD ‘Rotating perfect fluid bodies in Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity’, First Class with Honours Masters Degree – MMath


Career Summary

Graduated MMaths 2000.
Phd Awarded 2005
Lecturing/Teaching since 2000.
Full Time Appointment 2006
Permanent Full Time 2007

Outside Interests:

Aerial Circus, Natural Disasters, Klingon


Lecturing now for 14 years at Glamorgan.


Main Teaching subjects and course leadership:

Engineering Mathematics
Second Year Further Calculus
Statistical Inference.
Time Series and Forecasting.
AM1S33 (Franchised), AM0H01, AM0H03
Partial Differential Equations

Administrative Activities

Franchise coordinator for the following courses
AM1S33 – Engineering Mathematics

Timetabling for Department

Contact for departmental book orders and library stock.

Faculty Ethics Champion

Departmental Health and Safety Manager

Fire Warden


Selected Publications:

Wiltshire R., Messenger P., Robertson-Walker Fluid Sources Endowed with Rotation Characterised by Quadratic Terms in Angular Velocity, General Relativity and Gravitation August 2003 Vol 35 part 8 pages 1417-1433

Wiltshire R., Messenger P., Slowly Rotating Compact Fluid Sources Embedded in Kerr Empty Space-Time, General Relativity and Gravitation May 2004 Vol 36 part 5 pages 1213-1223

Fuzzy Inference Modeling Based on Fuzzy Singleton-type Reasoning, Yan Shi, Kyushu Tokai University, Japan, Paul Messenger, University of Glamorgan, United Kingdom, Masaharu Mizumoto, Osaka Electro-Communication Universit, IJICIC, February 2007, Volume 3

G. Wang, P.Shi and P. Messenger, Representation of uncertain multichannel digital signal spaces and study of pattern recognition on metrics and different values on fuzzy n-Cell number spaces. IEE Trans on Fuzzy Systems, vol.17, no. 2 pp.421-439, 2009

G. Wang, P.Shi and P. Messenger, Constructing n-cell numbers by using double-side seperation degrees and pattern recognition based on the maximal membership principle. IET Signal Processing, 2011 Vol 5, pp 652 – 661.


Institute of Physics
Gravitation Physics Group IOP, Environmental Physics Group IOP.
International Editorial Board for the International Journal of Meteorology


External / Professional Representation:

Institute of Physics
Gravitation Physics Group IOP
TORRO and International Journal of Meteorology


Main Research Subjects & Current Projects:

Statistics and Prediction of Natural Disasters and other Stochastic Processes

Current projects include:

Paleoclimatology, Ice Ages and the Vostok Ice core data.
Natural Disaster Prediction
Research Interests:

Solar Physics
Natural Disasters
Nuclear Physics – Fission and Fusion
Teaching of Maths and RI Masterclasses

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