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PhD, BSc, PGCEd/Dev, MIMA CMath


Career Summary, Specialist Projects and Academic Activities:

I completed a PhD in computer science (Fourier Methods for Curve and Surface Smoothing in Computer Aided Design) at Cardiff University in 1992, where I stayed until 1993 as a Research Fellow in the department of Computer Science. I then took a position as a Designer and Systems Administrator at Interface 4 Ltd, Cardiff, working on educational training programmes and consultancy for the International Labour Organization, before taking up my current post at the University in 1994.

I have held roles as a researcher, research supervisor, year tutor, and undergraduate degree award leader, and am currently the Head of Postgraduate Research Studies. In my time at the University of South Wales I have successfully supervised 8 research students to the award of PhD and MPhil, and currently supervise another 7 research students.

Currently, I am the grant holder for two Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council CASE awards. The first is with Newport-based company GXS, to automate the generation of product data quality rules in the Retail Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Consumer Electronics sectors. The second is with OSTC (Wales) in Swansea, to design of a decision support system that employs trading algorithms to advise on buy/sell prices using market indicators and trading rules. I am the grant holder for an HPC Wales Fujitsu Research Studentship in the modelling of financial asset behaviour. I am also involved in a further CASE award and a European Commission Research Fund for Coal and Steel project with TATA Steel, in extending knowledge in the mathematical modelling of the dynamics of the heating processes within industrial reheating furnaces.

I play an active role in marketing and recruitment duties.


Main Teaching subjects and course leadership:

Artificial Intelligence
System Dynamics
Mathematical and Agent-Based Modelling

Research and management roles:

Head of Postgraduate Research Studies
Chair of Research Degrees Committee
Joint Leader of Mathematical Sciences Unit of Assessment for REF2021
Member of the REF2021 Working Group
Member of Research Committee
Member of Quality Assurance Committee
Member of Faculty Research Committee (Computing, Engineering and Science)
Member of HR Excellence in Research Steering Group
Member of Ethics Sub Group
Member of Assessment Misconduct Committee
Member of NHS Wales Modelling Collaborative & Health Foundation Programme Board


Selected and recent publications:

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Member, Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA)
Member, UK Chapter of the System Dynamics Society
Fellow, Higher Education Academy (HEA)
Member, Special Interest group (SGAI) of the British Computer Society.
Affiliate member, British Computer Society.
Member, International Association of Engineers (IAENG).


Main Research Subjects & Current Projects:

System Dynamics and the modelling of social system behaviour
Analysis of the development and behaviour of contemporary collectible markets.
Applications of Artificial Intelligence, particularly in the modelling of financial markets, business rule generation, and maritime problems.
Heuristic and meta-heuristic approaches to the solution of popular puzzles, and the mathematical connections between real-world state-based problems and popular puzzles.
Modelling of heat flow in reheating furnaces.

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