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MBBS (Guy’s, KCL 1986), MSc (Pharmacology, Toronto 1993), MSt (Ethics and Theology, Oxford, 2012), MD (Pharmacology, Inst Cancer Res 1996), FRCPE (Paeds, 1990), FRCPCH (2000), Dip Pall Med (Cardiff 1998), PGCert Prof Clin Ed (Bangor, 2011), FHEA (2009)


Richard Hain is a Consultant and Clinical Lead in Paediatric Palliative Medicine in Wales. His clinical post is based at the Children’s Hospital in Cardiff and he provides an all Wales specialist service via a managed clinical network, alongside consultant colleagues Dr Meg Baba, Dr Jo Griffiths and Dr Jennifer Evans. He also provides a secondary service for patients in Cardiff and the Vale University Health Board. His work includes seeing patients at Tŷ Hafan Children’s Hospice. The Managed Clinical Network comprises local paediatricians in each of the health boards across Wales.

Dr Hain’s academic background is varied and includes postgraduate degrees in pharmacology, professional education and ethics and theology. He has co-authored over fifty research and review articles, four books on children’s palliative medicine and a large number of book chapters. His primary research interest is in the principles and practice of paediatric palliative medicine, and he is increasingly focusing on clinical ethics in children at the end of life. He is honorary Professor in the College of Human and Health Sciences at Swansea University .

Professor Hain is Chair of the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board Independent Patient Funding Review Panel.


Registered with GMC July 1987
Clinical training (Leeds, Hammersmith, Guy’s, Toronto, South-West Deanery, Ottawa, Wales Deanery)
Postgraduate qualifications in pharmacology, palliative medicine and education
Clinical specialist certification (1999) in paediatrics, paediatric oncology and adult palliative medicine
Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University 2000 – 2012
Consultant and Clinical Lead, Cardiff and Vale UHB, 2012 – present


Professor Hain has published work in four areas:

• Ethics around the end of life
• Epidemiology and service development in paediatric palliative care
• Opioid pharmacology and symptom control therapeutics
• Paediatric oncology and haematology


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Fellow, Royal College of Physicians (Edinburgh)
Fellow, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
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