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BSc, MSc, C Math


Head of the School of Computing and Mathematics
Head of the Applied Statistics and Operational Research Group
- this group provides a consultancy and training service to industry and government .


Selected Publications:

Griffiths, M.G., “DEA and Performance Indicators”, OR48 Conference, Bath, September, 2006.
Griffiths, M.G., “Simulation as a Strategic Decision Support Tool”, OR42 Conference, Swansea, September, 2000.
Griffiths, M.G., “Simulation of Operational Research”, OR41 Conference, Edinburgh, September, 1999.
Griffiths, M.G., Hafeez, K., Naim, M., “Systems Design of a Two-Echelon Steel Industry Supply Chain”, International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. 45, Nos. 1-3, pp 121-130, August, 1996.
Berry, D., Griffiths, M.G., Hafeez, K., Naim, M.M., Towill, D.R., “The Logistical Dynamics of Supply Chain Management”, ACME Research Conference Proceedings. Sheffield University 1993.
Griffiths, M.G., Hafeez, K., Naim, M.M., “Use of Statistical Techniques in the Dynamic Modelling of an Industrial Supply Chain”, 30th MATADOR Conference Proceedings, UMIST, Manchester, pp413-420, 31 March – 1 April, 1993.
Berry, D., Griffiths, M.G., Naim, M.M., Towill, D.R., “System Dynamic Models for Strategic Supply Chain Design”, CIM User Workshop, February 1992, Stuttgart.


Associate Fellow of the Operational Research Society


Heads of Departments of Mathematical Sciences (HoDoMS)
Council of Professors and Heads of Computing (CPHC).

External Examiner University of Brighton
External Examiner University of Sheffield


Consultancy Activities

Welsh Assembly (2005-06): Analysis of SAT cut-scores.
ACCAC (2004): Development of a feed back model for schools.
ACCAC (2003): Analysis of pre-test results.


Research Interests:

Model Verification & Validation
The Modelling of Supply Chains
Performance Indicators
Data Envelopment Analysis
Time Series Analysis

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