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BSc Honours Degree in Civil Engineering, Upper Second Class, C.N.A.A.

PhD Thesis: Piles in Sand and in Sand Overlying Clay, C.N.A.A.

Fellow of the Geological Society (FGS)

Chartered Geologist (CGeol.)

Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


1984 Research Assistant, The Polytechnic of Wales

1988 Geotechnical Engineer, Ove Arup and Partners

1989 Senior/Principal Lecturer in Geotechnics and Engineering Geology, The Polytechnic of Wales/University of Glamorgan

2011 Asociate Head of Engineering – School of Engineering


• Academic Portfolio; Ensure that documentation for internal and external bodies is delivered to the highest quality.
• Quality Assurance; Represent the School on FQAQ and liaise with the University Quality Office
• External examiner coordination; Coordinate the appointment of new external examiners and ensure responses to external examiners are appropriate.



Strength development and permeability relationships for Kimmeridge clay stabilised with lime-ground granulated blast furnace slag (ggbs) blends. Wild S, Robinson RB and Veith G. 6th International Conference on Modern Building Materials, Structures and Techniques, Vilnius, Lithuania, 14 -18 June. 1999.
Strength development permeability and porosity of Kimmeridge clay stabilised with lime and ground granulated blast furnace slag (ggbs). Veith, G, Wild, S, and Robinson, RB. Cardiff University, 8-9 July. 1999.
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Assessment of the performance of large diameter, bored cast in-situ piles in Keuper marl CIRIA Conference Report 2000/1, An extended paper of that presented at The Engineering properties of the Mercia Mudstone Group Seminar. 25 November, Derby. pp36-62. Delpak, R, Robinson, R B, and Omer, J R. 2000.
Load-settlement prediction method for large diameter, bored cast in-situ piles formed in Mercia mudstone. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Geotechnical Engineering, Vol. 143, October 2000, pp1-24. Delpak R., Robinson R.B., & Omer J.R.
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Strength and swelling properties of sulphate-bearing soil stabilized utilizing wastepaper sludge ash (WSA). Proceedings of UNBAR 6 – 6th International Symposium on Pavements Unbound! Nottingham, England. 6th-8th July 2004. Kinuthia J.M., Nidzam R.M., Wild, S., and Robinson R.B.
A new computer program for pile capacity prediction using CPT data. Proc. Geotechnical and Geotechnical Engineering, 24:399-426. Omer J.R, Delpak R and Robinson R.B. 2006
Full-scale pile tests in sand and development of a computer program for predicting load capacity. Canadian Geot Jnr, Civil Eng. 34. Shih JKC, Omer J.R, Delpak R, Robinson R.B. and Jones CD. 2007.
Sustainable soil stabilisation for road embankments in flood plains. Applied Clay Science. KINUTHIA J. M, OBUZOR, G. N. and ROBINSON, R. B. (2010)
Utilisation of Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag (GGBS) to mitigate strength loss in stabilised soil construction materials due to flooding. J. Engineering Geology OBUZOR, G. N., KINUTHIA J. M and ROBINSON, R. B. (2010)
The effect of calculating compaction water content on compressive strength of stabilized sulphate-bearing clay soil for the development of building components. Kinuthia J. M, Norsalisma, I. and Robinson , R. B. (2013) To be published.
The development of unfired clay building material using Brick Dust Waste and Mercia mudstone clay
J.E. Oti, J.M. Kinuthia, and R.B. Robinson, Applied Clay Science Oct.(2014) available on line.


Fellow of the Geological Society and Chartered Geologist
Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Professional Graduate of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

Member of the ICE Wales, Cymru, South Wales Ground Engineering Group
Member of the South Wales Institute of Engineers
Graduate Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers


External Examiner
External Undergraduate and Postgraduate Subject Examiner at the University of East London 2007- 2012.
External Post-graduate Subject Examiner at Portsmouth University 2013- present.
External Under-graduate Subject Examiner at Nottingham Trent University 2014- present.

Short Courses:
Lecture on short courses which cover the concepts of geotechnical foundation design and site investigation. The courses are aimed at graduate and practising engineers.

Geotechnics and Foundation Design. Introduces the basic concepts of geotechnical foundation design to practising engineers and builders.

Site Investigation. City of Cardiff training programme for graduate and technical engineers. Development of Joint European Education Framework. Presentation of the structure and content of Civil Engineering schemes to the Technical University of Gliwice, Poland.

Site Investigation. Haswell Consulting Engineer, Birmingham. Training programme for graduate engineers.

Foundation Design. One-day short course on Foundation Design for postgraduate structural engineers in preparation for their Part III professional examinations.


Completed in excess of fifty geotechnical reports on soil testing in accordance with BS1377:1990 for various consultants, contractors and local authorities. Geotechnical advice and reports have been given/produced for local companies: typically slope stability analysis and guideline documents on site investigation.

Consultancy advice given to South Glamorgan County Council on the instrumentation for full scale test piles to monitor soil/pile interaction in Mercia Mudstone.

Slope Stability analysis – R J Budge – Jointly prepared with G I Jones a series of slope stability analysis reports for R J Budge Mining Contractors for use at an opencast site.

Jointly prepared guide line documents for site investigation for civil engineering structures in association with Caerphilly Borough Council.


Completed the supervision of eight PhD Theses in Geotechnics, soil/structure interaction and soil stabilisation. Actively support the material and soil structure research areas within the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science. University of South Wales.

Behaviour of Model Foundations on Sand. Second Supervisor to A Siraty who completed his PhD in 1992.

Swelling and Shrinkage of Unsaturated Expansive Clay Soils. Director of Studies to A Khakbazan who completed his PhD in 1995.

Soil/Pile Interaction in Mercia Mudstone. Director of Studies to J Omer who completed his PhD in 1998. This research was supported by Cardiff City Council, Cementation Piling Limited and the Institution of Civil Engineers.

The durability of sulphate – bearing clay soils stabilised with lime activated Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS). Second Supervisor to G Veith’s research for a PhD degree. The research work is supported by industry. Completed in 2000

Research Supervision:

Number of candidates previously successfully supervised to completion: Director of Studies: PhD – 3 students, Supervisor: PhD – 5 students

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