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Ph.D. (University of South Wales)
MSc Marketing (University of Glamorgan)
MA International Studies (Sheffield University)
P.G.C.E. (University of Wales College Newport)
BA (Hons) International Relations and Politics (Staffordshire University)


Having taught for over 15 years I pride myself on being extremely student-focused and passionate about my subject area – public relations. I constantly strive to ensure that my lectures and tutorials are contemporary and engaging, demonstrated by the use of creative teaching and learning approaches.


I have lectured in the education sector for the past 15 years. In 2017 and 2018 I was honoured to receive a USW Team Excellence in Learning and Teaching Awards for leading a teaching team responsible for the design and delivery of an innovative crisis simulation assessment.


MSc Public Relations Course Leader


Parsons, M. (2017). Keeping it Real: Integrating Practitioners in a Public Relations Crisis Simulation. Games and Simulation enhanced Learning (GSeL) Conference, Plymouth University

Moufahim, M., Parsons, M. & Rees, P. (2016). Shades of Purple – a discursive analysis of mainstream political party responses to UKIP. Journal of Customer Behaviour (forthcoming).

Parsons, M., & Rowling, M. (2015). Social Media and the Paradox of Fear: An Exploratory Study of Political Relationship Marketing Within South Wales. Journal of Political Marketing, 1-23. DOI: 10.1080/15377857.2015.1039746

Parsons, M. & Rees, P. (2015). Shades of Purple – A critical discourse analysis of mainstream political party response to UKIP. International Political Marketing Conference, 3-5 September 2015, Prague: Charles University in Prague.

Parsons, M. & Calder, G. (2015). Depoliticisation and the ‘extra-political’: An exploration of new forms of citizen engagement / political participation in the output side of politics. Policy and Politics Annual Conference 2015.

Parsons, M. & Rees, P. (2015). To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy’ – A discourse analysis of mainstream political party response to UKIP. Academy of Marketing Conference, 7 -9 July 2015, Limerick: University of Limerick.

Parsons, M. & Samuel, A. (2014). Place Matters: Reconceptualising the Cognitive Mobilisation Model. Academy of Marketing Conference, 8-10 July 2014, Bournemouth: Bournemouth University.

Parsons, M. & Rowling, M. (2014). READY FOR CHANGE? Exploratory research of the potential barriers to social media use by UK Welsh Government Ministers. Academy of Marketing Conference, 8-10 July 2014, Bournemouth: Bournemouth University.


Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR)
Member of the Public Relations & Communications Association (PRCA)
Associate Member of The Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research, Data & Methods (WISERD)


I am a strong advocate of the need to ensure that higher education teaching and learning should bridge academic and professional practice. As Course Leader for the MSc Public Relations programme at USW I have developed close links with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA), which has resulted in the course being fully accreditated by both professional bodies.

In June 2018 I was honoured to accept an invitation to join the PRCA Wales Group as Vice Chairman. My main role is to ensure that the Wales PRCA Group continues to grow as a dynamic body of regional PR and communications professionals. Vice Chair of the PRCA Wales Group.


Mike has acted as a marketing consultant for a diverse range of organisations, including SME’s, political groups and charities.


My research interests include reputation management in the era of digital disruption and higher education pedagogy. I am currently researching the impact of experimental learning simulation activities on student perceived learning as well as the use of VR technologies in higher education.

Areas of Expertise

★ Higher Education Pedagogy
★ Public Relations
★ Brand Reputation and Management
★ Creative Digital Marketing Communications



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