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  • Current Research Student for Doctoral Degree funded by Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electrical Engineering,


Training Title Month/Year Provider
HPC Awareness Nov, 2011 HPC Wales & Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe Ltd.
Parallel Programming Nov, 2011 Intel & ARCCA, Cardiff University
Supercomputing Surgery Oct, 2011 ARCCA, Cardiff University
Introduction to Merlin July, 2011 ARCCA, Cardiff University
Use of UNIX CLI June, 2011 ARCCA, Cardiff University

Grants / Scholarship

Organisation Month/Year Amount/ Award Type Purpose
Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics 2011 and 2013 Travel Fellowship To present research at ISMB/ECCB in Vienna, 2011 and Berlin,2013
International Society of Computational Biology 2014 Travel Fellowship To present research at ISMB, Boston 2014
Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe Ltd. 2012-2015 £40K+Tution fees PhD Studentship
Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe Ltd. 2012-2015 £4.5K Conference Travel
Robert BOSCH GmBH 2007-2008 £9K Bachelors Final Year Project/Thesis



Duration Role Organisation
March 2012-present Graduate Research Assistant University of Glamorgan
Summer 2014 Visiting Pre-Doctoral Research Fellow CHLA, University of Southern California, USA
Oct 2011-present Lecturer of Mathematics (HPL) Faculty of Advanced Technology,University of Glamorgan
Oct 2011-present Research Student University of Glamorgan
Sept 2010 – Sept 2011 Research associate Glamorgan Computational Biology group
Aug 2009-Sept 2011 Research & Development Engineer Kigg Ltd, Wales, UK
Sept 2008 – Apr 2008 Research Placement Student Robert BOSCH UK, Cardiff Plant,Wales
Sept 2007 – Sept 2008 Engineering Placement Student Robert BOSCH UK, Cardiff Plant, Wales


  • Chair, ISCB Student Council’s Leadership Committee; activity year 2017-present
  • Secretary of ISCB Student Council’s Leadership Committee; activity year 2014-2016
  • Founding member of Regional Student Group,UK (RSG-UK)
  • Resident Tutor in the University of Glamorgan Student Services, activity year 2012 -present
  • Course representative for Research Students within the Faculty; activity year 2011-2014
  • STEMNET Ambassador, Wales Region., activity year 2011-2014.


  • Papers and Editorials
  • Biochemical, Transcriptional, and Bioinformatic Analysis of Lipid Dropletsfrom Seeds of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) and Their Use as PotentSequestration Agents against the Toxic Pollutant, 2,3,7,8-TetrachlorinatedDibenzo-p-Dioxin. Hanano A, Almousally I, Shaban M,Rahman F, Blee E andMurphy DJ. Front. Plant Sci. 2016, 7:836. DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2016.00836
  • Highlights from the 11th ISCB Student Council Symposium 2015. Wilkins K,Hassan M, Francescatto M,Jespersen J, Parra R, Cuypers B,DeBlasio D, Junge A, JigishaA,Rahman F. BMC Bioinformatics, 2016, 17(Suppl 3):A1
  • Benjamen White, Vayani Fatima, Nazeefa Fatima, Sayoni Das, Farzana Rahman, Mehedi Hassan. Highlights of the 2nd Bioinformatics Student Symposium by ISCB RSG-UK [F1000Research 2016, 5(ISCB Comm J):902 (doi: 10.12688/f1000research.8445.1) ][Editorial]
  • Rahman F, Farmer R, Das S et al. Highlights of the 1st Student Symposium of the ISCB RSG UK [ F1000Research 2015, 4:154 (doi: 10.12688/f1000research.6616.1)] [Editorial]
  • Farzana Rahman, Katie Wilkins, Annika Jacobsen, Alexander Junge, Esmeralda Vicedo, Dan DeBlasio, Anupama Jigisha and Tomás Di Domenico (2014) Highlights from the tenth ISCB Student Council Symposium 2014 . BMC Bioinformatics
  • G. Sablok, L. Sin, F. Rahman, T. Tatarinova, J. Harikrishna, Z. Luo (2011) Bioinformatic analysis of fruit specific expressed sequence tag (EST) libraries of Diospyros kaki Thunb – view at the transcriptome at different developmental stages. 3Biotech
  • Presentations
    • F Rahman, M Hassan, T Tatarinova, A Bolshoy (2012) Benchmarking of COG Database , presented at 25th European Conference on Operational Research, 7th-11th July 2012, Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • F Rahman, M Hassan, T Tatarinova, D Murphy, A Bolshoy(2012)
    A computational approach to detect Bacterial Toxicity, presented at
    HPC Progress event, The Senedd, Wales, UK


  • The International Society for Computational Biology
  • The IEEE Computer Society
  • The Institution of Engineering and Technology


Research Interest

  • Functional Genomics
  • NGS data analysis
  • Translational Genomics
  • Evolutionary Pattern in Prokaryotic Organism ( e.g. Bacteria)
  • Bioinformatics computation for disease and treatment
  • High Performance Computing
  • Welsh Crucible funded project to develop a Public Engagement Suite for Molecular Biology and Genomic Education targeted to young pupils


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