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Sian has a clinical background in acute surgery with a particular interest in the care and management of physically ill adults and physical assessment skills. Sian also specialises in health care law and its application to practice-based settings.


Sian started her clinical career as a practitioner of acute care before joining the University as a Senior Lecturer. She has since held a number of posts which have involved her managing staff, student expectations and collaborations with HeSaS Partner Health Care Providers.

Sian’s subject interest and expertise are:
•Law related to health care and the implications for the practitioner
•Professional and ethical implications of legal provision related to the practice of acute and critical health care
•The care and management of the critically and acutely ill adult
•Managing clinical environments
•Clinical leadership
•The assessment of clinical practice
•Essential clinical skills


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Lead author of the All Wales Document for Pre-Registration Nurse Education (2002) Assessment of Clinical Practice, Pre-Registration Nursing. Fitness for Practice, All Wales Initiative, a National Assembly Funded Project.

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Sian is a member of:
HeSaS Pre-Registration Management Group
Department Health and Safety Committee (Care Science and Professional Education and Service Delivery)
Faculty of Advanced Technology Faculty Quality Assurance Committee
Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama College Quality Assurance Committee
Clinical Leadership Programme Steering Group, Cwm Taf Health Board.
Education Group, Acute Division, Cwm Taf Health Board
Clinical Skills Group, Cwm Taf Health Board


Member of UK Forum of Health Care Ethics and Law.

Associate Member of Medico-Legal Studies Unit, University College Cardiff, University of Wales.


Sian has a long standing interest in the ways that qualified nurses make decisions across a range of complex care environments when managing the needs of acutely ill adults. Nurses are often confronted by patients with complex health needs and whose condition may rapidly deteriorate. Nurses therefore have to make decisions about the well being, if not the survival of patients and often with little prior knowledge of the patient. Added to this is an increasingly sophisticated legal context in which practitioners function informed by the enactment of primary legislation, namely the Human Rights Act 1998 and the Mental Capacity Act 2005. Both focus on the primacy of the rights of a person, and in which autonomy, self determination and choice are fundamental concepts.

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