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BSc. Econ Cardiff University
Ph.D. (Econ) Cardiff University


Main research areas include : Foreign Direct Investment and Local-Global interactions, Economic Integration, Clusters and Networks, Regional Economic Development Policy, Construction, Universities and economic development, innovation, festivals and events in social enterprise and capital building, socio-economic effects of gambling, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.


  • 1994-2000: Lecturer, University of Glamorgan,
  • 2000-2001: Senior Lecturer, University of Glamorgan
  • 2001-2004: Principal Lecturer, University of Glamorgan
  • 2004-Present: Reader, University of Glamorgan
  • 2008-2011: Director Welsh Enterprise Institute
  • 2009-Present: Professor in Economic Development Policy, University of Glamorgan
    2011-2012 : Co-Director Centre for Enterprise
    2012-Present Director Centre for Enterprise


I am currently Director of the Centre for Enterprise, and sit on the Faculty’s Research committee. I am module leader for the final year undergraduate module Regional Development and Entrepreneurship and the postgraduate module Economies, Markets and Strategic Decisions in International Contexts


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Clifton, N., O’Sullivan, D., and Pickernell, D., (2012 in press) ‘Capacity-building, culture, and the contribution of public festivals: evaluating ‘Cardiff 2005’’, Event Management: an international journal, Vol.16 (1) 77-91. (ERA B)

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  • Higher Education Academy
  • Regional Studies Association
  • Institute for Enterprise and Entrepreneurs


  • Visiting Professor-Plymouth Business School-University of Plymouth, and International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship, Coventry University
  • Refereed journal articles for Omega (International Journal of Management Science); Local Economy; Enterprise and Innovation Management Studies, British Food Journal, Construction Management and Economics, International Journal of Technology Management, Internmational Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Public Administration, and special issues of Environment and Planning C and Journal of World Business.
  • Track Leader at 29th ISBE (Institute for Small Business and Enterprise) Conference : Innovation, clusters, supply chains and networks.
  • Won the Danish Academy of Business Research (DEA) Best Paper Award 2009 at the 3rd Annual Copenhagen Conference on Partnership for a paper entitled “Network structure, knowledge governance and firm performance: Evidence from Innovation networks and SMEs in the UK”. (with Nick Clifton from UWIC and Martyn Senior from Cardiff Uni)
  • Co-Editor of Special edition of International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (on Universities) 2010.
  • Chair of ISBE Conference (Cardiff, 2013)


1. ERNST AND YOUNG, (1997), The Single Market Review Series : Impact on Manufacturing : Motor Vehicles, London : Kogan Page and the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. with CAIR and Ernst and Young

2. Assessing the Scope and Effectiveness of government assistance to companies in Wales (1999). Report prepared for the Welsh Development Agency

3. Assessing Cluster Policy in the UK (2000) Assessment prepared for WDA

4. The effects of housing and housing-related finance on the Welsh economy (2002) for Council of Mortgage Lenders (with members of the Welsh Economy Research Unit, Cardiff Business School)

5. Cost Benefit Analysis of Job Broking within the New Deal for Disabled People (2003) for Shaw Trust

6. ABP Ports (2004) (with Max Munday and Annette Roberts of WERU, Cardiff Business School).

7. CIT Project (2005) (£23,000 with Dr. Chris Miller, Dr. Gary Packham and Dr. Brychan Thomas)

8. Cardiff 2005 Evaluation (2006-2007) (with Dr. Nick Clifton and Diane O’ Sullivan)

9. Federation of Small Business Bi-Annual Survey (2007-2008) (with David Brooksbank, Gary Packham, Chris Miller, Piers Thompson, Ossie Jones, David Smallbone)

10. OECD (2008) Review of Business Productivity Policy in Wales

11. A4B (2009-2011) Engaging Business Angels in University IP Opportunities (IPOP) (with Gary Packham, Simon Mccarthy, Nigel Woodruff)

12. Australian Homelessness Study (2010-2011) with Kerry Brown, Robyn Keast and Jenny Waterhouse.

13. Australian Airports Project (2010-2011) with Andrew Crawley.

14. A scoping study of the Potential Costs, Benefits and Activities related to the Enterprise zone and Ebbw Vale Motorsport Project for Blaenau Gwent Unitary Authority

15. Auditing the Cardiff City Region Economy: A Clusters-Based Approach for South East Wales Directors of Environment and Regeneration (2013-14) (with Nick Clifton, Andrew Crawley, Chris Miller, Andrew Thomas)

16. Opportunities for establishing a Small Business Administration for Wales, for FSB Wales (2014-2015): (with Nick Clifton, David Brooksbank, Celia Netana)


1. The socio-economic impacts of gaming machines in poor areas – a model of understanding ‘community harm and benefit’ (2003) for Gambling Policy Directorate, Queensland Government (with Dr Kerry Brown, Ms Mary Crawford, and Dr Andrew Worthington from Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia).

2. Auditing Welsh Industry: A Clusters Based Approach, for Welsh Assembly Government Small Grants Programme (2005) (with Dr. Nick Clifton(Cardiff University) and Rhys David (Institute of Welsh Affairs)

3. Auditing Welsh Industry : Further iteration: case Study Aerospace, (2006-7) for Welsh Assembly Government Small Grants Programme (with Dr. Nick Clifton(Cardiff University), Dr. Oliver Ehret (Cardiff University) and Rhys David (Institute of Welsh Affairs)

4. Welsh Assembly Government Economic Research Grant (2007-2008) : New insights into the contribution of entrepreneurship around festivals and special events to the economy of Wales (with Diane O’Sullivan, Julienne Senyard, Robyn Keast and Steve Hill)

5. A4B (2009-2011) Engaging Business Angels in University IP Opportunities :feasability and pilot study (with Gary Packham and Simon McCarthy)

6.Socio-Economic impacts of access to EGMs in Victoria:Effects on demand and communities (final report 2011) for Victorian Government (with Kerry Brown, Robyn Keast, Mark McGovern)

7. Ready or Not? Considerations for the Qld housing service system Research Report: Housing Readiness (final report 2011) for Queensland Government (with Kerry Brown, Robyn Keast, Jennifer Waterhouse)

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