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LLB (Hons), Staffordshire University

MSc (Econ) in Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Wales, College of Cardiff


Head of Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, University of Glamorgan

Senior Lecturer, Centre for Criminology, University of Glamorgan

Lecturer, Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth

Tutor and Contract Researcher, University of Wales, Cardiff


Head of Law
Deputy Head, School of Humanities and Social Sciences


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Conference Papers

John, T. and Bower, A. (2007) Invited plenary session: ‘Importance of business process in a partnership setting’. Presented at Share the knowledge, Manage the risks, Make it Safe conference, 30&31 March, Bramshill Police Training College

John, T. and Rogers, C. (2006) Invited (with Dr Colin Rogers, HESAS) plenary session: “NIM to GMAC”. Presented at the “NIM & Partnerships – Making it work” conference, Greater Manchester 28 & 29 November

John, T. and James, A. (2004) Facilitating POP through NIM. Paper presented at MPS Analysis Conference, London

John, T. and Maguire, M. (2004) The National Intelligence Model: Modernising through analysis? Paper presented at the British Criminology Conference, Portsmouth.

John, T. (2004) The National Intelligence Model. Paper presented as part of the Society and Culture Research Seminar Series, University of Glamorgan

John, T. (2004) Policing the UK. Paper presented at Central Missouri State University, Missouri, USA.

John, T. (2004) Intelligence-led Policing. Paper presented to the Independent Police Complaints Commissioners, London.

John, T. and Maguire, M. (2004) Problem Oriented Policing and the National Intelligence Model. Paper presented at the South Wales Police Annual Problem Oriented Partnerships Awards, Bridgend.


Wales Centre For Crime and Social Justice
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


Deputy Editor / Editor, Policing Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles, Sage 2014-2018


John, T., Morgan, C., and Rogers, C. (2006) The Greater Manchester Against Crime Partnership Business Model: an independent evaluation Treforest: University of Glamorgan (internal document)

Loveday, B. and John, T. (1998) Fareham Borough Council: Crime and Disorder Audit. Report to Fareham Borough Council (internal document)

Loveday, B. and John, T. (1998) An Evaluation of CCTV in Portsmouth: preliminary report. Report to Portsmouth City Council (internal document)

John, T. and Maguire, M. (1996) ‘Crime and Community Safety in the Vale: Consultants Report to the County Borough Council’ (internal document)


Policing; intelligence led policing; policing styles; crime reduction; criminal law; the criminal justice process; crime audits

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