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BSc Econ, Sociology/Politics, PhD (Wales)


Following a late entry to higher education and a degree and a PhD in political sociology, my early interests as a sociologist have evolved into a more practice based focus on social policy. In particular, the rise of poverty in the 1990s focused my attention on patterns of social exclusion in South Wales and the response of community based regeneration strategies. Since that time i have been engaged directly with anti-poverty policy and practical delivery. This has included three periods of secondment to Welsh Government. The last of these was to the role of CEO of the Centre for Regeneration Excellence (CREW) funded by Welsh Government to develop multi-professional, integrated regeneration solutions. In this capacity I co-authored with Dr Mark Lang, the Deep Place approach to poverty eradication and community renewal .

I am currently Emeritus Professor at the University of South Wales and Research and Development Manager for Compass Housing Group in Newcastle, NSW, Australia


Professor Adamson awarded an OBE


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Recent Conference Papers.
D. Adamson and M.Lang. (2015). ‘Rethinking Regionalism: Developing the Distributed Economy’. Regional Studies Association Conference 2015. Rethinking the Region and Regionalism in Australia. Challenges and Opportunities for the 21st Century. Melbourne 31st August to 2nd September 2015.
D.Adamson and D. Proctor.(2015). ’Aligning Social Investment with Clean Energy infrastructure: The Deep Place Approach. Smart Future Cities 2015. Energy, Transport, and the Built Environment Innovations for Future Cities. Newcastle, NSW. 1st -3rd October 2015



Past member Joseph Rowntree Foundation Neighbourhood Programme
Past member Joseph Rowntree Foundation Monitoring poverty and social exclusion in Wales Advisory Group
Past member of 5 Ministerial Advisory groups
Adviser to Welsh Government Review of Regeneration


I have provided consultancy services to a wide range of public sector, government, third sector and community organisations.


Current research interests include:
Housing-led regeneration
Poverty and social inclusion policy
Local economic development

Areas of Expertise

Poverty and social exclusion
Community Regeneration
Housing-led Regeneration
Local economic development



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